Don’t Smuggle Drugs – Especially in an Illegal Vehicle

R. Lecorps Mug

R. Lecorps Mug

According to WINK news, Raymond Lecorps was pulled over for illegally tinted windows. Deputies say they immediately detected an odor of marijuana and noticed a tampered door panel with several ounces of MDMA stashed inside. The WINK article incorrectly identifies this as Meth, but MDMA is ecstasy, not crystal meth. Mr. Lecorps is innocent until proven guilty, but serves as a reminder, crime doesn’t pay! This reminds me of the scene in Pulp Fiction where the Wolf is going to take Vincent’s car, but before he takes it out, he has to be assured the car is cool. Dark Tints are not cool, especially heading north from Miami.

UPDATE: NBC-2 has a pic of the vehicle. Those windows are dark.

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