The NEW Worst Place to Hide Your Drugs

Crime Photo from Mexican Federal Police

Crime Photo from Mexican Federal Police

Mexican authorities were investigating an accident, when they discovered 55 pounds of packets that appear to be cocaine… in the dashboard where the passenger airbag should have been. There was a passenger in the vehicle when it crashed, and he did not survive. An Airbag might have helped.

It’s possible that had there been an airbag, the passenger still might not have survived. The driver’s airbag did deploy, bu the was also killed due to his injuries. However, I stand by my thesis that it’s a bad idea to put drugs in place of your airbag.

Don’t do drugs.

Clearwater Man Tries to Tunnel out of his Jail Cell

Authorities in Clearwater got a tip that a Pinellas County inmate, Scott Lambert, was trying to dig out of his jail cell. When they searched, they found that he had in fact started a hole under his bunk, though it was only 6 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. He was quite a way from Shawshanking out of there like Andy Dufresne.

Sievers Murder Suspect Curtis Wayne Wright to be Extradited to Florida

Missouri held an extradition hearing today, and granted Florida’s request for Curtis Wayne Wright to be extradited to stand trial for the murder of Dr. Theresa Sievers in a Fort Myers court. Wright ended up waiving his extradition fight, though it is unlikely he could have defeated the request.

Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy "The Hammer" Rodgers

Curtis Wayne Wright and Jimmy “The Hammer” Rodgers

The case is a long way from going to trial, if it does, and this is an early step in the process. It also means that we are closer to being able to see the discovery documents on the case that will shed more light on the case against Wright and his co-defendant, Jimmy Rodgers, who is serving a Federal sentence before his extradition issue is heard.

Woman who Assisted New York Prison Break Sentenced to Prison

Joyce Mitchell

Joyce Mitchell

Joyce Mitchell, the prison employee who gave assistance New York prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat- who were both serving prison sentences for murder was sentenced yesterday for her involvement in their escape. In July, she pled to promoting prison contraband, and criminal facilitation. Today, declaring that she had done very bad things, the court sentenced her to up to 7 years on the most serious offense.

She could have been facing more time if the prosecutors had charged her with conspiracy to murder her husband, which had apparently been discussed. She accepted a plea agreement that helped avoid additional charges. Now, she will be a client of the same prison system that she let down, and cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in cost for the ensuing manhunt for the weeks while Matt and Sweat were on the run.

UPDATE: Lee County Judge Frank Mann Jr. Suddenly Resigns

Frank Mann Jr.

Frank Mann Jr.

Lee County Judge Frank Mann Jr., son of Lee County Commissioner Frank Mann Sr., resigned from his post today. His last day of work was today, and nobody knows the reason for his resignation. Crimcourts will have our ear to the ground, but so far, nobody knows. It’s unusual for a judge to resign without notice, and as Judge Mann was relatively young, this certainly will be a shock to the local bar. Mann was well liked, and will be missed.

His replacement will be named by the governor after a standard application and review process. In the meantime, other judges will likely be called upon to cover his docket, possibly getting some assistance from Senior (retired) judges.

UPDATE: I heard from someone in court that he made a brief statement after docket sounding that he had enjoyed working there, but that it was time for him to move on to something else.

UPDATE 2: The News-Press has obtained Judge Mann’s resignation letter: apparently it was filed with the governor’s office on January 22. The decision was made at least a week ago, but it was not public knowledge around the courthouse. This will be the hot topic of discussion in the courthouse Wednesday. Mann cites a variety of personal reasons for his resignation, though he doesn’t specify any. He does say that he feels that 5 years was enough and he was ready for a change, which is similar to what he told the courtroom personnel yesterday.

UPDATE 3: the Naples News cites testimony from his pending divorce proceeding that indicates his estranged wife has accused him of financial improprieties and substance abuse issues, and says that she had filed a JQC complaint against him. Nothing can be confirmed about the complaint, but the judge on the divorce made a specific finding that there was not evidence to support

Fort Myers Woman calls 911 after being Shorted in a Drug Deal

Erin Klich

Erin Klich

Last night in Fort Myers, police allege Erin Kilch called 911 to report that her drug dealer didn’t give her as much marijuana as she had paid for. Police responded and arrested her for misuse of the 911 system… and for the bag of marijuana that was in her vehicle. Andrea Hubbell from NBC-2 owned this story by find local man Michael Atherton to comment on this situation. He said she needs to, “Cut it back a little bit. She’s smoking a little bit too much…┬áThat’s pretty ridiculous, that’s pretty smart of her.” Well said, Michael.

Michael Spiegel Kills himself before Sentencing


Michael Spiegel Mug Shot

Michael Spiegel, convicted a few weeks ago in the double murder of his ex-wife send her fiance, was scheduled to be sentenced on Monday. However, he did not wait around for the judge, and committed suicide in the Lee County jail. He faced life in prison, and due to his age, probably faced a de facto life sentence, even if the judge did not mad him out.