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2 Strikes and You’re Out, Florida’s Harsh Career Criminal Sentencing

A recent article took a look at Florida’s Prison Releasee Reoffender statute, which mandates a maximum penalty for designated offenders. The problem with sentencing strictures that take discretion away, is that imbalanced sentences can follow. The man discussed in this article, Steve Brana, was sentenced to life for robbery, except the robber with the gun got less time. Brana’s only prior offenses were juvenile burglaries. It’s appropriate to take a violent offender off the streets for a time to ensure the safety of the community, but life in prison for an accomplice (or principle) who has no violent history may not be necessary.

Florida Legislator wants to Pass a Law to Make Bloggers Register

Some chucklehead needs to read the Constitution. A Florida State Senator, Jason Brodeur, wants bloggers who write about Florida officials, and he includes himself and the legislature under this umbrella, to register with the state or potentially face fines. This is patently unconstitutional.

The First Amendment prohibits any law that would abridge the freedom of speech, or of the press. This law is so offensive to the freedoms granted, I can’t believe the idea made it far enough for the bill to be filed. The registration requirements, and potential penalties, create what’s called a “chilling effect” that would run afoul of our right to free expression.

This country was founded on the principle of being permitted to critique the government. I do have a personal interest as a blogger, albeit occasionally, who sometimes writes about the government. But this bill is offensive to the First Amendment regardless of which side you are on. If we had a “woke” government that he disagreed with, would we not be allowed to criticize it? Of course we would, and it’s preposterous to try to restrict comment on the government.

The Florida Constitution also provides that no law shall be passed that restrains or abridges the liberty of speech or of the press. So this law would violate the U.S. Constitution and the Florida Constitution. It’s a double-unconstitutional law — Jason Brodeur would restrict our rights under both Constitutions. I hope the citizens of Lake Mary found out what he is trying to do and find someone to primary him.

This is supposed to be the Free State of Florida. If this pinhead Jason Brodeur doesn’t respect the Constitutional rights of Floridians, he does not deserve to to represent us in the legislature. It will obviously get laughed out of court when it gets challenged, but it should never get passed into law. Brodeur should talk to a lawyer, a law student, even, and withdraw this clearly unconstitutional bill. It’s appalling that a lawmaker would try to impede our Constitutional rights.