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The Naked Hamburglars are Still At Large

Screen Captures of the Naked Hamburger Thieves

Screen Captures of the Naked Hamburger Thieves

The three naked young men that broke into Doc’s Beach House a few months ago have not been caught… but remain a topic of conversation, especially as the snow birds come back to town. They are still officially wanted by authorities

Supreme Court to Consider When Facebook Threats are True Threats

The Supreme Court is going to hear a case next week that will determine when threats posted on social media, in this case Facebook, rise to the level of a true threat. The case in question dealt with comments Anthony Elonis made toward his estranged wife (and others). He was convicted, sentenced to prison, and the case already upheld by the 3rd Circuit.

While the 1st Amendment gives protection to speech, that protection does not extend to ‘true threats’. This case will examine when musings posted on a Facebook wall are protected, and when they go to far. It will have ramifications in Florida, which has harsh punishments for Written Threats, which include social media posts under Florida law.

See Also: Felonies for Facebook posts

*UPDATE: The conviction was overturned, as the jury must also determine whether the Defendant intended for his words to constitute a threat.

CNN Wants to Remind You it is Legal to Record Officers

CNN, as part of their Ferguson coverage, did a video piece on whether it is legal to record police officers. Yes, yes it is…

In the words of Jeffrey Mittman, the legal expert they spoke to, “you have an absolute right to make a document, a recording, of interactions with a government official.” He goes on to say it is improper for an officer to suggest otherwise. It was an issue with previous Ferguson protests where officers repeatedly told people to stop recording. People cannot physically interfere with an officer’s investigation, but merely making a recording does not do that. That’s a Constitutional right under the First Amendment.

Punta Gorda Woman Tries to Use 911 as a Dating Service

Maria Montanez-Colon

Maria Montanez-Colon

Maria Montanez-Colon made news in February when she called 911, looking for a cop to give her some extra duty. When the cop refused, she called 911 and asked them to send her another one! She went to jail for that incident for misuse of the 911 system. Well, she’s at it again, but this time she wasn’t so friendly with the cops, finally becoming verbally abusive. She has been booked back into the Charlotte County Jail for the same offense. Officers indicate alcohol was a factor both times, and apparently she has had trouble dealing with her husbands’ death. Hopefully, she can get some help.

Former State Attorney’s Office Employee Enters Guilty Plea to Child Porn

Warren Hamilton, who used to work at the State Attorney’s office in Fort Myers, entered a guilty plea to child pornography charges yesterday in Federal court. It did not go well. Hamilton apparently refused to admit to the allegations. According to reports, he finally entered a plea, but never admitted to knowingly downloading porn. He told the court that some of the images ended up on his computer, and he was trying to investigate, and that in doing so he “ended up downloading some images and files.”

It may come across to the court that he isn’t sincere, or isn’t taking responsibility for his actions… and that’s not a good thing. According to NBC2, he’s facing from 5 to 30 years for the charges he pled to. He is out on bond awaiting sentencing when he comes back before the court. I doubt that his claims about accidentally downloading some child pornography will impress the judge, especially considering that he worked in the IT department for the State Attorney’s office for a long time.

Cape Coral Considers Purchasing Police Body Cams

According to Wink news, Cape Coral is considering purchasing body cams for the police department.

Crimcourts recommends the cameras, for the quality of law enforcement and for the protection of officers. The people of Cape Coral will benfit from this kind of expenditure.

Cape Coral PD to get Body Cams

Cape Coral has approved the purchase of body cams for Cape Coral police officers. It’s a $300,000 purchase, but it will improve law enforcement and help protect officers. That’s a good move for the city and the people of Cape Coral. They hope to have the cams up and running by next summer.