O.J. Granted Parole, but He’s Not Getting Out

At least not for another four years. (Alternate headline: The Juice is NOT Loose.)

O.J. Simpson Prison Photo

O.J. Simpson Prison Photo

O.J. Simpson was granted parole today for some of the convictions related to a robbery in Nevada. He was ordered to serve several sentences consecutively, and the parole granted on these charges means that he begins serving the time on the consecutive sentences. He will have to be behind bars for another four years before realistically having a chance to be released from custody on parole. Today’s decision by the parole board was a first step, which was apparently appropriate as Simpson has been a model inmate, and due to his murder acquittal, is technically a first-time offender.

Florida readers may wonder why we don’t often hear about parole hearings. That’s due to a change in Florida law that essentially did away with parole. In Florida, convicts sentenced to prison must serve 85% of their sentence, with no opportunity for parole. They may get supervised release for the balance of their sentence, which is similar to parole. Every now and again a parole hearing will happen for a Florida inmate who has been incarcerated since before the change in the law, but otherwise, Florida’s sentencing is very harsh. Beyond that, many mandatory sentences are day-for-day, that is, there is no gain time. That includes 10-20-Life cases like that of Marissa Alexander.

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