Trial Underway for Alleged Police Shooter in Cape Coral

Yousel Rivera

Yousel Rivera

Jury selection began yesterday in the case of Yousel Rivera, who allegedly shot Cape Coral Police Officer David Wagoner. The shooting was caught on tape. Fortunately, Officer Wagoner survived. Rivera faces life in prison if convicted as charged, for Attempted First Degree Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer With a Firearm. He must be sentenced to at least 25 years to Life, if convicted, under the 10-20-Life law. The News-Press did a pretty thorough article today, quoting me extensively about some thoughts on the trial. I used to work for Mr. Russell, and when I was a prosecutor, tried a murder case with Ms. Scalise, who are the prosecutors handling the case. They are very good, as is Mr. Rivera’s attorney, David Brener. Court watchers will get to see some of the most talented criminal practitioners over the next week or so of this trial.

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