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Will the “Zumba Prostitute” Alexis Wright Sell Her Story

Alexis Wright"Zumba Prostitute"

Alexis Wright
“Zumba Prostitute”

The AP has taken a look at Alexis Wright’s situation to see if there’s any likelihood that she might sell her story. I would have to expect that she would- it’s definitely got some appeal: both as a book and for a movie, probably of the made-for-tv variety. In addition to the substantial legal fees that she certainly incurred, she was given $57,000 in fines and restitution that she’s going to have to pay for, and that would take a long time at her part-time job. She is a single mother, and has a kid to support, so I don’t begrudge her trying to make something positive out of a bad situation. She’ll serve her time, which will apparently be 10 months in jail, and apparently there are no state laws that would prevent her selling the story.

The next question is, who plays her in the movie? Alyssa Milano springs to mind, not only due to looks, but Milano played Amy Fisher in the TV movie about the “Long Island Lolita,” but she may be a little old for the part. She’s still looking great at 40, but she’s also busy nowadays. I’ll have my eye on “Lifetime,” just in case…


Alexis Wright, A.K.A. the Zumba Prostitute, Pleads Guilty

Alexis Wright, the Zumba Prostitute

“Zumba prostitute” Alexis Wright

Alexis Wright pleaded guilty to 20 counts as part of a negotiated agreement in court on Friday. Her felonies were reduced to misdemeanors, and 86 counts were dropped, but she is looking at doing 10 months in jail. That’s substantially less than she could have been facing with dozens of felonies, and is probably a fair resolution. She is free on bail until her sentencing on May 31.


Bizarre allegations re: Zumba Prostitute

Alexis Wright
“Zumba Prostitute”

Alexis Wright, the zumba instructor accused of dozens of counts of prostitution, allegedly posed for nude photos with her 7-year-old son, according to her ex-husband.  The boy father made the accusations in a custody motion in court recently.  It doesn’t sound like they are sexual in nature, but you can’t fault the father for being cautious, in light of the bizarre allegations Ms. Wright is facing.  In addition to the prostitution counts, she is facing multiple invasion of privacy counts for allegedly taping the encounters. 

PS If you are doing something illegal, such as running a major prostitution business, or anything, really: don’t tape what you’re doing.  Also, never secretly tape somebody, just ask Bubba the Love Sponge. #zumbaprostitute

Today in the news- Dunn, Zumba, Hurricanes… Update: Zimmerman news

Jury selection continues to crawl along in the Robert Dunn, Bobbie Noonan Day Care 1st Degree murder case.  According to the State Attorney’s Office, they have 29 potential jurors form the first two weeks of selection, and are hoping to get a panel of 60 for the next phase.  Clearly the publicity in the case is making it difficult to get an impartial jury.  However, it’s better to spend the extra time during jury selection to make sure to get it right, so the trial doesn’t have to be retried, as the Gateway Murders trial (Fred Cooper) a couple of years ago.

Alexis Wright, the Zumba Prostitute

“Zumba prostitute” Alexis Wright

Several more names have been released in the Zumba prostitution case (Alexis Wright).  That’s about 40 names at this point… most of them in that little town.  By scale- this is bigger than the Elliot Spitzer case in New York.

And finally, Crimcourts has our fingers crossed for everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  We have an exclusive update from our own correspondent in NYC (my Mom).  Even this morning the streets are deserted.  Rain started at 11 am and has gotten worse, all the stores are closed.  Mom is staying near Grand Central Station, and it’s a ghost town.  Everyone on the east coast stay safe!  (Especially you, Mom!)

UPDATE: George Zimmerman news: the judge has denied a gag order request: the new Judge, Debra Nelson, ruled the State had failed to show prejudice.  This is the second time it has been denied.  Additionally, the judge limited the State’s request for medical records.  Trayvon Martin’s family attorney has been vociferously complaining, but ironically, the outspokenness and public presence the Martin family has presented in the media with their side of the story gives further justification for Zimmerman’s defense team giving updates. #standyourground


Here’s an interesting look at the legal issues in the Zumba Prostitute case of Alexia Wright, thanks ATL.  http://abovethelaw.com/2012/10/some-legal-angles-on-the-zumba-prostitute/