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Remember When the Mall Easter Bunny Got Arrested?

The scene, Edison Mall, 2006. They have an Easter Bunny area where families could come and get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. 27 parents were lined up when the Bunny-manager decided to shut down for the day, 15 minutes early. One of the parents approached the manager and asked why, to which the manager replied, “because I felt like it”, and punched the mom in the face. When the bunny saw the manager involved in a fight, he jumped in and started punching the mom in the back of the head.

arthur mcclure easter bunny

Arthur McClure, the Rogue Rabbit

The Bunny, Art McClure, claims that he and the manager, his girlfriend, were acting in self-defense when the “mob of angry soccer moms” came after them. Ultimately, McClure was charged with misdemeanor battery and breach of the peace, and pled out  to time served on the charges a couple weeks later. The responding officer got statements from half a dozen of the parents, who all indicated McClure and his girlfriend were the aggressors. It’s like Bad Santa for another season!

It’s too bad that cell phone cameras were not as common then, and even the snapshots that were taken don’t seem to have made it to the internet. McClure’s listed occupation on the arrest report is “Easter Bunny”, though this was his last day on the job.

War Story

All attorneys have “war stories” – tales from in the trenches of practicing law.  Occasionally, I like to share them on Crimcourts.

Yesterday one of my clients was sentenced to serve 3 months in jail, which was a pretty good deal for his case.  At booking, they allegedly found cigarettes and pills stuffed in his drawers.  He was charged with introduction of contraband into a detention facility.  At his first appearance hearing on the new arrest, I asked the judge to impose a ‘Stay Away’ order from the location of the offense.

The judge said, “Nice try, Mr. Cordell.”