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More Friday Fun – Cape Coral Man Punches Walmart Customer in line

Henry Harvey

Holiday shopping brings out the worst in people. And it wasn’t even Black Friday!

Henry Harvey, a 69-year-old from Cape Coral, Florida, is accused of striking a fellow Walmart customer. They apparently got in an argument in line, and Harvey was frustrated the other customer was taking too long. The argument escalated and Harvey ended up punching the other customer in the head.

It’s crazy for sure. I know that particular Walmart, I was there within a day of the incident, and there are multiple self-checkout lines with quite a few terminals. There certainly would have been options that didn’t require attacking another customer.

#weirdbattery #graymenace

Bull Rider Lassos Bike Thief

cowboy robert borba

Bull Rider Robert Borba and his Lasso

Full-time cowboy Robert Borba was in the parking lot of WalMart when he saw a bike thief escaping on his stolen wheels. Borba is clearly a gentleman who will help out a lady in distress. Borba acted quickly, saying, “Grabbed Old Grey from the trailer and went for him.” He was able to get a rope on the thief, and detain him until authorities arrived.

Borba is a professional rodeo rider… and soon to be the most popular cowboy on the circuit!

It was nice to read some good news instead of the bad…

Woman Arrested after Motorized WalMart Cart Ride

Only in Florida:

josselleen lopez

Josseleen Lopez

A Citrus County woman, Josseleen Lopez, was detained by store staff after taking a bite of sushi, and putting it back on the shelf. She had a half-empty bottle of wine and a mostly-eaten rotisserie chicken on her cart as she road around the Walmart. After her arrest, officers found drug paraphernalia and she admitted she had recently smoked meth.

She has been charged with petty theft and possession of paraphernalia. She could have been charged with underage possession of alcohol, and theoretically could have gotten a DUI on the motorized shopping cart: which would qualify as a vehicle under Florida law.

Port Charlotte Man Takes Infant Daughter Shoplifting, and Flees with Her

Meanwhile, in Port Charlotte…

Brent Scott Mug Shot

Brent Scott Mug Shot

Brent Scott went to do some shoplifting at WalMart, and he took along his 18-month-old daughter. When he was confronted after leaving the store, he grabbed his daughter out of the shopping cart, and tried to run through a retention pond. They went down, and Scott and his daughter both went under at one point, according to witnesses. He was captured and arrested, and his daughter released to her mother. Instead of just facing a misdemeanor petty theft charge, Mr. Scott added a felony for child neglect, and is also facing a violation of probation.

via NBC-s: http://www.nbc-2.com/story/27175365/man-arrested-after-shoplifting-run-with-18-month-old-child#.VFOwefnF9gM

Hooker Arrested at WalMart

  • It’s not what you think
  • She got TRIPPED up on the way out
  • She’s not a hooker, I’m just making bad jokes based on names
Brianna Hooker Mug Shot

Brianna Hooker Mug Shot

Brianna Hooker, of Cape Coral, tried walking out of WalMart in North Fort Myers with two 40-inch Vizio TVs. She was confronted by Jessica Tripp, a community service aide with LCSO. She then kicked Ms. Tripp several times. Tripp threatened to spray her with pepper spray, and she stopped resisting and was arrested. She was already wanted on a warrant for missing a court date earlier in the week (for driving on a suspended license).

Hooker has been charged with Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, in addition to grand theft, and resisting a merchant/officer. The Batt LEO charge is interesting, because I suspect a CSA [Community Service Aide] is not a sworn ‘law enforcement officer’. I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve protection, but I have a concern that the statute does not apply to her for purposes of enhancing the battery to a felony. I’d like to hear input, if someone has specific details on that issue. Ironically, she would have that protection if she was an explorer.

via news press: http://www.news-press.com/story/news/crime/2014/05/02/cape-coral-woman-accused-of-tv-theft-at-walmart/8611427/

Senior Vengeance : Why is the Shopping Cart Battery Case a Felony #swfl

William Golladay

William Golladay – Checkout Lane Rage Arrestee

When William Golladay was arrested for checkout rage, he was charged with a felony battery. In Florida, for a battery charge to be a felony, there has to be an enumerated aggravating factor, otherwise the charge is a misdemeanor. This prompted someone to ask me if the cops were trying to classify the shopping cart as a deadly weapon, the most common aggravtgor. No, the cops have charged Golladay with a felony battery because the victim is 65 years of age, or older. Florida has enhanced the battery on a senior charge to discourage exploitation of our many elderly citizens.

But wait, isn’t Golladay even older than that? Yup- Golladay is 77 years old himself. The law does not discriminate based on the advanced age of the accused, even in this case, when he’s a decade OLDER than the person he allegedly battered. As a third degree felony, Golladay is potentially facing up to 5 years in prison, though he’s not likely to be sentenced so severely, unless he has a substantial record.

It can be dangerous to live in Florida, especially during the winter season, when snowbirds swell the population of areas like Southwest Florida. A 71-year-old retired cop near Tampa made news this week, when an argument about texting in a movie theater escalated and he shot then man sitting the row in front of him. There is a discreet subset of public safety issues attributable to elderly citizens that increases at this time of year, from crotchety neighbor disputes, to cars crashing into buildings (already had one this week). Old people are still not as dangerous as young people, but they are not immune from getting into trouble.

More info is available on the Golladay arrest from the Smoking Gun, who has obtained the full report. They’ve also got a whole section tagged gray menace! #weirdbattery #swfl

Do NOT Abuse the Express Lane in front of William Golladay

William Golladay

William Golladay

A 65-year-old Punta Gorda man in a motorized wheelchair was allegedly rammed with a shopping cart when he exceeded the 20-item limit in the Taylor Rd. Walmart. Police allege William Golladay became irate when the elderly man in front of him had more items than permitted in the express lane. The two began yelling at each other, and Golladay reportedly rammed the victim with his cart, injuring his elbow. Keep in mind, Golladay is even older, at 77 years of age. But the charge is a felony because the victim is 65 years or old, in spite of Golladay’s age. This case of checkout rage occurred yesterday in Charlotte county.

This is the first incident I have ever heard reported of a battery arrest with a shopping cart used as a weapon. That get’s it a #weirdbattery tag… And #registerrage for battery with a shopping cart.