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Don’t Drive and Text in Florida – It’s Law, Today

The Florida ban on texting while driving becomes effective today. It is a secondary offense, which means that cops should not stop you for that unless there is a primary offense, but you can be cited for it starting today. Here’s the story on the texting ban: it doesn’t include talking on teh phone or using hands-free operation.

Florida Text and Drive Ban Effective Tomorrow

It’s October 1, 2013… new law day! The big one that will affect people is the ban on texting while driving. Everyone be safe out there! Here’s my story on when the law was passed.

Florida Lawmakers Pass “Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law”

Texting while driving will be outlawed in Florida, provided the Governor signs the bill, which is on its way to his desk. It’s a secondary offense, which means law enforcement is not supposed to pull people over for it. Rather, it should only be ticketed if drivers are stopped for another reason. And don’t get excited if you see a cop happily typing away, law enforcement officers are exempt from the new law!