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The Easter Bunny Jumped in a Fight on Video, in Florida, Of Course

Scene, Orlando, Florida… Easter Day, 2019. Some guy gets in a fight with a lady and who jumps in to help… none other than the Easter Bunny!

I wish there were some more details or some context… but on the other hand, the video of the giant bunny hopping to the lady’s rescue is kind of amazing by itself.

This is not the first Easter Bunny fight… we had a mall bunny fight here in Fort Myers back in 2006! Here’s my retro story on that bunny-battle.


Police Harassment claims pop up in Dunbar

Less than a week after the chief of FMPD was fired, NBC-2 is reporting that residents and businesses in the Dunbar community are complaining about harassment. They are not revealing the name of the officer until they get more information, but it apparently has given enough concern that city councilman Streets has requested more information from the city manager. I’m passing it along, even without much detail, because the story sounds so familiar. Just today I had a client in my office expressing concerns about police activity similar to what multiple witnesses describe in the NBC-2 story.