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Live Snake in a Courtroom

OK- go ahead and start the lawyer jokes now…


Photo via Dep. Mike Cundiff

A live, five-foot snake was found hanging out in a Texas courtroom this week. One of the deputies was tidying up at the end of the when he ran across this pretty sizable serpent. He called in a fellow deputy to corral the snake, described as a non-venomous chicken snake, and possibly extending more than 5 feet in length. He was sitting behind the bench where the judge had been sitting.

Why didn’t it bite the lawyers? Professional courtesy.

What do you call a snake in the courtroom? A member of the bar.

Why did it take them so long to spot the snake? They couldn’t distinguish him from all the lawyers!

Har har- have your laughs!

The “We don’t know where the cobra is” owner has been Charged

Mike Kennedy and one of his Snakes

Mike Kennedy and one of his Snakes

Mike Kennedy, previously famous for being on Discovery Channel’s “Airplane Repo” has earned new notoriety this week for allowing his deadly, 8-foot King Cobra snake to escape from the Orlando home where keeps it. While he has the proper permits for the snake, he is now facing criminal charges because hefailed to proptly report the snake’s escape.

Several media outlets are reporting that the charge carries a fine of $366. However, the Orange County Clerk’s page indicates that Mr. Kennedy has been charged with a level 2 FWC rule violation, which ¬†could potentially subject him to up to 60 days in jail, as a second degree misdemeanor. FWC rules specifically state that an owner of this type of venomous, non-indigenous snake must report an escape immediately.

Authorities are still looking to locate Squidge the snake and return him safeliy to captivity.