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Holy Police Car! Batman Arrested in Seattle

I should say “wanna be Batman”, as I have a feeling it wasn’t Bruce Wayne. Police in Washington were called out to a bar regarding a man assaulting the bouncers with a knife affixed to a pole. After threatening an employee with his spear, the man fled with officers in pursuit. He threw something at the vehicle, and officers later discovered it was a Batarang: a sharpened ninja star in the shape of a bat. This Batman didn’t get away, and was arrested for felonious assault, and more charges expected.


The Batarang recovered from the police vehicle

From SPD blotter via Jalopnik.

batman_arrestWe’ve covered some superhero arrests on Crimcourts before, and in researching this, I discovered that there had been some Batman arrests that I had missed. None of them involved a Batarang, however.

Seattle police create helpful marijuana legal guide

Kudos to the Seattle Police Department for reaching out with a little public information… their new information guide informs citizens of what their rights are under the new marijuana legalization.  Yes, you can have some marijuana, but no you cannot drive if impaired by marijuana.  Yes it is still a violation of Federal Law, and no, you can’t have back the weed that was seized prior to the passage of the law.  It’s a fun, informative and a great way to build rapport with the community.