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Kentucky I-75 Shooting Ruled Self-Defense

Kentucky prosecutors announced that no charges will be filed against a driver who shot another driver on Friday afternoon. Details are unclear as to what led up to the accident, but multiple witnesses confirmed one driver got out of his car with a rifle and approached the other car. The driver of the other car was already on the phone with 911 when he saw the rifle, and drew his own gun. the operator heard an exchange between the two men, and then the man in the car shot the man with the rifle.

If the photograph above is any indication, it certainly sounds like a clear cut case of self-defense. If you walk up on somebody with a firearm in hand, and in that photo he appears to be pointing it at the other driver, that other party is likely to have a reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury. It sounds like the witnesses and the 911 call verify that the guy was justified in using deadly force to defend himself.

Man Runs HIMSELF Over During Road Rage

Yes, that headline could also only happen in Florida.

Joseph Carl Mug Shot

Joseph Carl Mug Shot

Joseph Howard Carl (Three first names!) of Gainesville got mad at another drive, got out of his car and started banging on the man’s window. That driver drove off, and Carl’s own vehicle was not in park and rolled over him. I don’t think you are allowed to get mad at another driver when you can’t handle your own vehicle. To top it of, Carl’s driver’s license had been suspended over 20 years ago: he should not have been driving at all.

Carl refused medical attention, but smelled of alcohol, and was arrested for DUI. Cops found High Life cans in the vehicle, and Carl was later transported to the hospital for treatment for a broken foot, and found to have a .22 blood alcohol level.

Hendry County Deputy Arrested for Battery on I-75

Simeon Harrynarine, a deputy with the Hendry County Sheriff, was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend while driving down the highway in Charlotte County. Harrynarine was one of the deputies involved in the Labelle shooting a few weeks ago. His girlfriend attributes his odd behavior to that incident. Harrynarine denies that he intentionally struck the girlfriend, but apparently admitted that he did so, claiming it was accidental. She required stitches for her injuries. No booking photo is available as the Defendant is a law enforcement officer. #badcops

Charges dropped against Bronco Elvis Dumerville

Reports are out that Denver Bronco Elvis Dumervil won’t have to face charges for allegedly pulling a gun during a road rage incident.  In one of the first posts on this blog, I speculated that this would be a hard case to make based on the early facts that were coming out, and the prosecutors decision to ‘No File’ the case bears that out.  If he has never been convicted of other charges, Dumervil will be eligible to expunge this case from his record.  However, an expungement won’t affect all the news stories out there, such as this one.  As Judge Thompson used to say, in today’s world of computers, there’s no putting the jeannie back in the bottle (I am paraphrasing).

Denver Bronco Dumervil arrested for gun charge in Florida


Dumervil booking photo

Elvis Dumervil was arrested for aggravated assault with a firearm, after allegedly brandishing a weapon during a road-rage incident. 

First reaction- why do so many of these things happen in Florida.

Second reaction- there’s an issue with the charge.  Dumervil was not carrying a gun when cops caught up to him; there was one in the vehicle, but it wasn’t his.  Aggravated Assault charges are always difficult to prove, they are generally he said/ she said situations with little physical evidence.  And “sources close to Dumervil” seem to support his defense, though I don’t know how substantial their testimony may be.  I’ll try to keep an eye on this one to see if anything comes of it.