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Jockey Arrested for Shocking His Horse During Race

  • Jockey Roman Chapa caught using a “Buzzer” during a horse race
  • It’s an electronic stimulator to illegally encourage the horse
  • He’s been in trouble for cheating multiple times, including similar use of an electronic device

Jockey Roman Chapa rode Quiet Acceleration to a photo-finish win in the Sam Houston stakes a few weeks ago. Now that photo may become his downfall. The picture clearly shows something in his hand: an electronic stimulator that he was probably using to shock the horse. They are known in the industry as a buzzer, battery or machine. And it turns out, Chapa has twice been suspended for cheating, and one of those incidents also involved a similar device.

Chapa is now facing felony charges for unlawful influence on racing. Texas considers it a serious offense to mess with the outcome of similar sporting events. Chapa also has a previous conviction for cruelty to animals. How was this guy still working? I suspect this will be the end of his career.

Thanks Beth for pointing this out!

New Bieber Video Does Not Look Like a Race

Footage of Bieber's Car

Footage of Bieber’s Car

Decide for yourself, but this video shared by CNN does not appear to be a “contest of speed” as described in the police report. This could be BEFORE the alleged drag race occurred, though the cops already appear to be on their tails. The video is time stamped 4:09 a.m., and the police indicate the race occurred at 4:11, though time stamps are not always accurate. According to the cop, this would have to be after, because he indicates the officer who spotted the race had to make a U-Turn and catch up. On the full video from CBS Miami, you can see the cop passes a car and appears to be trying to catch up to the Bieber-led group. But if he was pursuing a race, why aren’t his lights on?

This could be a moot discussion, as Bieber has not been charged with racing at this time, and the cops could initiate a stop base on speed, even if there is no racing involved. Still, it adds a wrinkle. Also, in looking at the times, the cop claims to make his arrest at 4:13, just 2 minutes after the race. That’s pretty fast to find the car, pull Bieber out, and for Bieber to resist him. We know he skipped intermiate steps, like asking Bieber for a license, but the timeline is definitely questionable.

UPDATE (of sorts): In case you didn’t see my earlier post, with a link to the police report, you can read that here:¬†https://crimcourts.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/what-did-bieber-blow/