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Florida Needs a law Requiring Bodily Injury Insurance

A friend was recently in an accident which was not her fault, and in which she was injured, but thankfully not severely. They just received a letter from the at-fault party’s insurance company saying, sorry, your injuries aren’t covered. Which is perfectly legal in Florida… and perfectly ridiculous.

While Florida requires a minimum of insurance to cover one’s self, there is no requirement for other drivers that might negligently or recklessly injure you or your passengers to get insurance to cover your injuries. Jeff Garvin, another local personal injury attorney, did a great op-ed on it in the News-Press a few weeks ago. I literally had the article sitting on my desk when I heard about my friend’s situation. It is past time to do something about it, and I encourage Florida to join 48 of our 50 states and require personal injury protection. And I will specifically pass on Mr. Garvin’s call to action: 1. Get uninsured motorist coverage for yourself if you don’t have it, and 2. Contact your legislator and encourage them to change the law.

Mr. Garvin’s entire piece can be found here.

Find your representative here.

UPDATE: clarification in wording, as FL requires drivers to get minimum insurance for their own injuries, but not for injuries that you cause to other people.