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You Need a Permit to Kill an Alligator in Florida

molest gator

Alligator Warning Sign

Apparently it bears repeating, as a man was arrested this week in Palm Beach County for illegally killing an alligator. Yes, they are everywhere, but Florida has a complex wildlife management system, and you have to have a permit and tag before you can hunt for gators. If not, you can be convicted of a crime! Florida takes its wildlife regulations very seriously…


Clown Killer Case Solved after 27 Years


Front Page of the Sun Sentinel in 1990

Marlene Warren

Marlene Warren

In 1990, Marlene Warren was celebrating her birthday when the door rang and she went to answer it. Standing outside with a person dressed in a clown suit carrying balloons and flowers; apparently in celebration of her birthday.When Marlene reached for the gift, the clown pulled out a gun and shot her. She later passed away from the injuries and detectives began an investigation. They initially looked at Marlene’s husband, as they hear there had been marital difficulties.

The investigation soon centered on Sheila Keen, whom detectives discovered was having an affair with Michael Warren, Marlene’s husband. Not only that, witnesses stated they had seen Ms. Keen buying a clown suit two days before the murder and she was also seen purchasing flowers at Publix. In spite of these connections, detectives did not feel confident that they would be able to prove their case and did not make an arrest, and the case went cold
sheila keen warren

Sheila Keen Warren mugshot

Fast forward 24 years to 2014, and the Cold Case unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department reopened the case to take another look. New technology allowed them to uncover DNA evidence that was able to able to affirmatively link Sheila Keen to the crime. Detectives also discovered that she had since married Michael Warren, and that the two were living together in Tennessee. Detectives arrested Sheila Keen Warren on a warrant for murder this week in Virginia. Her husband was reportedly with her, but has not been charged with anything at this time. Sheila Keen Warren is notably smiling in the mug shot when she got arrest. There is no indication if she gave a statement to law enforcement when she was picked up, but she’s probably impressed to have gotten away with it all these years.

Man Throws Live Alligator through Wendy’s Drive Thru Window


Gator at Wendy’s

This is the purest “only in Florida” case yet. A man from Jupiter was going through a Wendy’s drive-thru. He received his drink, and then grabbed a live, 3 and a half foot alligator and chucked through the open window. An FWC officer was able to corral the gator in the kitchen, and it was able to be safely returned to the wild.

joshua james mug

Joshua James

It actually took officers several months to make an arrest. The Defendant, Joshua James, was tracked via surveillance footage and vehicle tags, and he has been charged with taking a gator and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The alligator is the weapon. While such a small juvenile gator may not be lethal, it qualifies as a deadly weapon since it is capable a causing serious bodily harm (he could take off a digit!) In the meantime, we get to enjoy this guy’s mug shot!

Crimcourts continues to be the world leader on criminal related alligator news!

Vanilla Ice Arrested for Burglary

  • It sounds like a bad rap to me…
Robert Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice mug shot

Robert Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice mug shot

“Police were on the scene…” Robert Van Winkle, best known as a rapper who went by Vanilla Ice, and had a hit with “Ice Ice Baby” in the 90’s, was arrested yesterday in Lantana, Florida. It appears TMZ broke the story. He is accused of taking items from an unoccupied home next door to a home he is renovating for his DIY Network show “The Vanilla Ice Project”. Apparently the police found the items in home that he “controls” and believe he took some part in the taking. Florida has a very broad Principle Theory, which holds anyone involved accountable, even if they play a very minor role.

Ice says the charge is a misunderstanding, and is blown out of proportion. I hope it is for his sake, as burglary of a dwelling is a second degree felony in Florida, which scores out to a presumptive prison sentence. Unfortunately for him, the police didn’t pass him up this time. Full disclosure, I kind of like the “Vanilla Ice Project” show.


This is part of the front page of the Vanilla Ice Project website. I scrolled through, but there don’t seem to be any photos or arrestable hijinx…

ON DIY Network

ON DIY Network

Golf Course Rage results in Aggravated Battery with a Broken Putter

Golfer Mike Rich Mug Shot

Golfer Mike Rich Mug Shot

A Labor Day golf outing turned really sour for a Florida foursome. Michael Rich allegedly became enraged over a joke about marking a putt. He allegedly proceeded to tear up the green with his cleats, and then attack his playing partners with his putter, snapping while thrashing one man, and then brandishing it like a sword toward another. He’s facing aggravated battery charges.

I always wondered what would happen if Lloyd in “Sideways” wasn’t joking when he took off after the rude golfers behind him… I guess now I know. Felonies happen.

via Deadspin: http://deadspin.com/florida-man-allegedly-attacks-men-in-his-golf-group-wit-1631159784

Here’s the Sideways scene, because it’s awesome. Both of these characters could have been facing charges!

Very Slow Escape Leads to Tasering of Elderly Robber #graymenace

Russell Cooper

Russell Cooper

Russell Cooper was attempting a getaway from a bank robbery, but was caught in the act. He wasn’t moving very fast, as the 77-year-old walks with the assistance of a walker. He tried to rob robbed the bank upon being told that his account had been closed of lack of funds. He pulled out a small pocketknife and demanded $130, which the bank teller handed over. Cooper then refused to drop the knife when police ordered, and was subsequently tasered and arrested.

Cooper Attempting to Escape

Cooper Attempting to Escape, with Hostage

You have to watch the video on the link. The bank manager is an absolute bad-ass; he doesn’t even flinch. The knife is clear on the video when it is brandished near the counter camera. Cooper is facing life in prison for armed robbery. That scores out to a minimum four year sentence under Florida law, though prosecutors may be willing to do something lesser under these circumstances. He has a second life felony for kidnapping, his combined scoresheet will score about 82 months, provided he doesn’t have a prior record.


David Boston facing prison for Domestic Violence

David Boston mug shot

I nearly missed this the other day, it hasn’t gotten much coverage in the national media, but David Boston pled guilty to charges of aggravated battery.  Boston was allegedly drinking in his home, when he punched a woman and inflicted injuries requiring 10 stitches.  He is apparently slated to be sentenced on December 7, 2012.

First of all, reports that he is facing up to 35 months in prison are incorrect.  Aggravated battery is a second degree felony in Florida, and any conviction for it can subject the defendant to up to 15 years in prison.  There is a lesser charge, known as felony battery, which is the more likely charge, as no weapon was used, is a third degree felony, subjecting the defendant to up to 3 ears (36 months) in prison.  It’s possible that his criminal punishment code scoresheet scores hm out to 35 months, but that would generally be a minimum sentence that binds the judge at sentencing.  There are a few exceptions that could allow the judge to go below the scoresheet minimum.  It may be a negotiated plea, which would be grounds for going below, known as a downward departure.  Perhaps both sides have already agreed to the 35 months, meaning he knows what to expect at the upcoming sentencing.  There aren’t enough details available: it seems everything else out there just cites the AP story.

Boston made the news a few years ago for a DUI arrest in Tampa.  There was a compelling video of his arrest online for a while, but it appears TBO has taken it down.  Reports indicate that charge was reduced to reckless driving. #davidboston

UPDATE: According to the Palm Beach Clerk’s web page, he was charged with Aggravated Battery, and under the provision that does not involve a weapon.  Not additional details were up on the Clerk’s site yet.