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Police Manipulate Photo to Implicate Man they Suspect in a String of Robberies

Portland police had a suspect in a string of bank robberies in 2017 but they had a problem, he didn’t match the description of any of the tellers who had been robbed. The suspect, Tyrone Allen, has multiple, distinctive facial tattoos, and none of the victims observed any tattoos on the robber. Instead of trying to generate a new suspect that matched the description, the cops decided to double down on Mr. Allen. In order to make him look like the suspect in the robberies (some of which were capture on surveillance video), a technician digitally removed the tattoos from a picture of Mr. Allen. These manipulated photos were then placed in a photo-lineup and a couple of the victims identified Mr. Allen. He is no facing multiple robbery charges. Here’s a side-by-side comparision:

This tactic is extremely troubling, as it increases the potentiality for mis-identification. For that reason, Allen’s attorneys have asked the court not to permit the identifications to be presented to a jury. Courts have often held that identification procedures, if they are unduly suggestive, are not permissible. I’ve never seen this extremely concerning procedure, but it certainly appears to raise concerns that there is a high risk of an erroneous identification. It’s troubling that a man who was not identified by witnesses was only identified after his image was airbrushed.

Murder Mystery Writer Accused of Murdering her Husband

nancy brophy

Nancy Crampton Brody

Portland author Nancy Crampton-Brody, who wrote several novels as Nancy Brophy, has been arrested and charged with the June murder of her husband of 27 years, Daniel Brophy. Daniel had been lead chef instructor at the Oregon Culinary Institute [OCI] since 2006, and had been teaching culinary skills long before that. He was shot at an OCI kitchen, where his students found him, dying. There were initially no suspects and no description of any suspects.

Police soon began to suspect Brophy, who admitted to her neighbor that she was considered a suspect. Perhaps it did not help that she had penned books like “The Wrong Husband”, and in 2011 wrote an online essay titled “How to Murder Your Husband” with suggestions of how to get away with it (WP located the archive, as the post is no longer public.) The arrest report has been sealed, so there are not many details in why the police have charged her, or what her motive may have been. The sealed report suggests the investigation is still open, perhaps there is an accomplice or yet-unnamed collaborator. If so, Brophy would have been ignoring her own advice in her essay, where she discouraged using hitmen. Whether or not she did it is yet to be decided, but having penned an essay about murdering her husband is not a good look.

Bull Rider Lassos Bike Thief

cowboy robert borba

Bull Rider Robert Borba and his Lasso

Full-time cowboy Robert Borba was in the parking lot of WalMart when he saw a bike thief escaping on his stolen wheels. Borba is clearly a gentleman who will help out a lady in distress. Borba acted quickly, saying, “Grabbed Old Grey from the trailer and went for him.” He was able to get a rope on the thief, and detain him until authorities arrived.

Borba is a professional rodeo rider… and soon to be the most popular cowboy on the circuit!

It was nice to read some good news instead of the bad…

Moron Punches Self in Face, Tries to Blame Cops

Aleksander Tomaszewski Mug Shot

Aleksander Tomaszewski Mug Shot

Aleksander Tomaszewski of Eugene, Oregon thought he’d get himself out of jail if he claimed that the cops beat him up (incorrect). To bolster his lie, he punched himself in the face repeatedly, generating the bruises you can see in his mug shot. Unbeknownst to him, he was being recorded by a jail video camera the whole time. Needless to say, that did not aid in his efforts to be released from custody. As the NYDY points out– very “Fight Club”!

Crimcourts has long been an advocate of more cameras for law enforcement use. The cameras in this jail proved this criminal’s allegations to be false. They are a great tool, and it would really only take some cursory training to make sure that officers don’t try to game the system like these cops recently in St. Louis.

Be sure to watch the video, available on the NBC-2 link.


Man Escapes Prison… Six Days Before his Release

Matthew Medlin Booking Photo

Matthew Medlin Booking Photo

Mathew Medlin had on six days until his release on charges related to sex abuse, burglary and assault. Apparently, he couldn’t wait, as he allegedly scaled a fence at an Oregon correctional facility and walked away. The escape didn’t last long, as Medlin was caught 12 hours later, just a couple miles down the road from the prison. It’s a plot line straight out of a Coen Brothers movie. Get it together, Oregon… he’s a sex offender.

Perhaps he couldn’t take the jail food any longer: Medlin was caught at a Jack in the Box: he was spotted by a corrections officer on another assignment who recognized him walking down the street. That reminds me of one of the most ridiculous escapes ever, which happened right here in Lee County. Back in 2008, Joeneather Singletary walked out of the Lee County Jail. Literally pushed the intercom button, and the clerk buzzed her out. They caught her right down the street- she went to Dunkin’ Donuts! If you are on the run from teh cops, the Donut shop is the LAST place you want to go. Her little trip only lasted 30 minutes, and she went from misdemeanor charges to a new felony charge. She got herself an additional six months in jail for that, though she could have tried a novel defense… Is it escape if the jail buzzes you right out?

Medlin will likely be facing more incarceration- a lot longer than 6 days, for new escape charges. He also had to be treated for cuts suffered from the razor wire he crossed during his escape. If you excuse me, I’m going to go watch “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

o brother

Flashing Your Headlights is Protected Speech in Oregon, Too

CCSO Patrol Car

CCSO Patrol Car

We recently determined that flashing headlights to warn other drivers is protected expression in Florida, as well as specifically protected by a recent statutory change. 38-year-old trucker Chris Hill got a ticket for flashing to warn drivers about an approaching cop, and got a citation for his efforts. It didn’t sound right, so he took it to court. He fought the law, and he won! The judge in Oregon found the law unconstitutional as applied, setting a good precedent for freedom of expression in yet another state.

Drunk Driver Wears Shirt that Proclaims “Drunk As $#!+”

Ross McMakin Mugshot

Ross McMakin Mugshot

Ross McMakin, a 21-year-old from Oregon, was wearing the shirt you can see in his mugshot. Not only is he achrged with driving under the influence, he also has charges for reckless endangerment, harassment, and strangulatin for attacking his girlfriend during the incident. Apparently he drove off the road, on the sidewalk, and struck a parked car. The “DRUNK AS SHIT” shirt says it all!

via TMZ


Cat With “History of Violence” to get Counseling from Jackson Galaxy

Lux the Himalayan

Lux the Himalayan

Lux, the enraged cat that attacked his owners, cornering them in a bedroom last week, is going to get a visit from Jackson, the host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” show. Jackson is known for showing up to cat owners with a guitar case full of kitty-helpful remedies. Jackson hopes to find the cause of the cat’s rage, and to give his owners help in creating a positive living environment that’s safe for the family, their kids, and the cat.

This also serves as another chance to link to the 911 call of the owners cowering in their bedroom while the cat is freaking out. He sounds like the Tasmanian Devil- go listen if you haven’t yet! I’m’ serious, here’s the link again: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2014/03/portland_attack_cat_911_tape_l.html

Cat Attack Victim: The Cat Has a History of Violence

“He’s charging us!”

A 22-pound Himalayan cat went off on its owners recently, forcing them to cower in the bedroom and call 911. The distraught caller, cat owner Lee Palmer, told the 911 operator that the cat has a history of violence. Apparently, the cat scratched the baby, and then he kicked the cat in the butt. The cat went into a rage, and the family barricaded themselves in the bedroom, pinned in by the angry kitty.

Lux the Himalayan

Lux the Himalayan

The father explained the situation to the 911 operator, who impressively managed to stay professional. She did confirm with a upservisor that police response was necessary. The caller directed her how to tell the police to get in, since he and the family were trapped in a bedroom. With the dog. Apparently, they we were able to survive there watching TV until the police showed up. You can hear the cat on the 911 call, caterwauling through the door.

I am surprised I haven’t seen this blow up on the internet yet, so I’m going to share it. Thanks to my brother for pointing it out. It’s not really crime related, but police were involved, and its hysterical, so I’m posting it. Do listen to the 911 call!