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Holy Police Car! Batman Arrested in Seattle

I should say “wanna be Batman”, as I have a feeling it wasn’t Bruce Wayne. Police in Washington were called out to a bar regarding a man assaulting the bouncers with a knife affixed to a pole. After threatening an employee with his spear, the man fled with officers in pursuit. He threw something at the vehicle, and officers later discovered it was a Batarang: a sharpened ninja star in the shape of a bat. This Batman didn’t get away, and was arrested for felonious assault, and more charges expected.


The Batarang recovered from the police vehicle

From SPD blotter via Jalopnik.

batman_arrestWe’ve covered some superhero arrests on Crimcourts before, and in researching this, I discovered that there had been some Batman arrests that I had missed. None of them involved a Batarang, however.

Spider-Man Showed up to Court in Costume


Recent Spider-Man Altercation

We’ve covered some of the Times Square character antics… too many times the people dressed up and taking photographs for tips have gotten into altercations with tourists, and even with each, when turf arguments arise. Another Spidey got arrested a few days ago and took it to another level, when he showed up for court in costume. The judge was not amused, as it was his second arrest, and said if he gets charged again, bond would be set so high that he would not be able to get out.

This case is interesting, in that Batman was taking pictures with Spidey, and when the argument after they got stiffed by the tourists started escalating, whipped out the phone on his utility belt and started recording. He claims that the tourist was the aggressor. The cops found both parties at fault, and charged both Spider-Man and the Tourist with assault. It will be interesting to see what happens at trial…and whether Spidey’s lawyer can convince him it is in his best interest to appear in the manner of his alter-ego.

via NY Post.

So, Spider-Man Got in Another Fight in Times Square (video)

This is the third Spider-Man fight we’ve covered in NYC/Times Square. So far, no charges have been filed in this one, as Spidey was apparently defending other costumed characters from a racist heckler. Apparently this was a different Spider-Man than the one who ran into legal troubles last year. No word on whether Elmo was involved this time. Who knows, but Geoff Goldberg has posted footage of the altercation on Twitter:

It’s not Illegal to Grill a Guinea Pig in Central Park

Guinea Pig Roaster

Police responded to a 911 call about a possible squirrel abuse case, but found an Ecuadorean man grilling a guinea pig in a designated barbecue area. Which is not illegal. This case actually happened in Prospect Park. Do not try to catch squirrels or other park animals; that would be a crime. Guinea Pigs are a protein staple of many South American diets, where it is called cuy.

via Foodspin.

Elmo Busted! Another Character Caught in NYC Crackdown

Elmo Arrest: Photo courtesy NYPD @nypdmts

Elmo Arrest: Photo courtesy NYPD @nypdmts

The other day it was Batman, and Spider-Man again. You can’t go anywhere without having to worry about a furry fiend! Today Elmo was booked for aggressive solicitation in Times Square. NYPD officers had previously been giving warnings for solicitation cases, but the recent violent encounters seems to have convinced the cops that more aggressive action needs to be taken to prevent out of control characters running amok in Times Square, a major tourist draw.

Elmo Shocked at Spidey Arrest

Elmo Shocked at Spidey Arrest

And think, just a few weeks ago it was Elmo who was shocked at Spider-Man’s arrest…

Spider-Man Arrested Again: This Time Batman is Busted, Too

Clip from footage of Spidey's earlier bust

Clip from footage of Spidey’s earlier bust

More shenanigans from the Times Square performers in New York City. We covered the story a few weeks back when Spider-Man got in a fight with cops. Now he and Batman got in a fight with a heckler, and all three went to jail. Our costumed crusaders are now facing assault charges. New York City is contemplating making street performers register with the city, before they go out and beat people up. Ya think?