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Man Goes to Jail for a Facebook Like

A Pasco judge found a New Port Richey man in contempt of court for liking a Facebook post: someone had put his ex wife’s picture on a “father’s rights” page alleging that she was abusive. The judge found that he had violated her order against disparaging or threatening the other party in the family law case stemming from their divorce and custody fight. She initially sentenced him to 60 days, but relented a few days later for time served. The limits on social media, and regarding First Amendment ramifications, are something the courts have to grapple with more and more.

Florida Woman Posts .415 BAC: After Driving to Pick Up Her Kid (Update)

Renata Congleton Mug Shot

Renata Congleton Mug Shot

New Port Richey resident Renata Congleton caught the attention of school officials when she struck two vehicles when picking up her child up from school Friday, and smartly called authorities. When cops confronted her at her house, they allege that she admitted driving and leaving the scene of the accident. They went to take her into custody, and she allegedly resisted, pulling away and scratching the deputy. It sounds like they took her to the hospital due to her substantial inebriation, and indicate that her medical blood alcohol level was .413, a dangerously high level.

She’s actually in more trouble for scratching the office than for driving under the influence. While the high alcohol level, and the fact that a child was in the car are enhancements, a DUI charge is still a misdemeanor. At this time she hasn’t been charged with a DUI, only a leaving the scene of an accident. She also has a child neglect charge, resisting with violence, which are felonies, as is the Batt LEO (battery on a law enforcement officer), which is a felony that has a mandatory prison sentence. Due to her extreme intoxication, she may be able to mitigate her punishment by seeking counseling and treatment for her drinking. It sure sounds like this young woman could use help.

I also like to note that the medical blood alcohol results are not directly equivalent to legal blood or breath alcohol levels (as in, the .08 legal limit). Medical BAC levels will appear higher than the legal level. Regardless, this is an exceptionally high blood alcohol content: one of the highest I have seen.

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and at: http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/crime/new-port-richey-woman-arrested-after-coming-to-elementary-school-drunk/2196772

UPDATE: reflected to list correct charges, per Pasco Sheriff Website