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Golf Course Rage results in Aggravated Battery with a Broken Putter

Golfer Mike Rich Mug Shot

Golfer Mike Rich Mug Shot

A Labor Day golf outing turned really sour for a Florida foursome. Michael Rich allegedly became enraged over a joke about marking a putt. He allegedly proceeded to tear up the green with his cleats, and then attack his playing partners with his putter, snapping while thrashing one man, and then brandishing it like a sword toward another. He’s facing aggravated battery charges.

I always wondered what would happen if Lloyd in “Sideways” wasn’t joking when he took off after the rude golfers behind him… I guess now I know. Felonies happen.

via Deadspin: http://deadspin.com/florida-man-allegedly-attacks-men-in-his-golf-group-wit-1631159784

Here’s the Sideways scene, because it’s awesome. Both of these characters could have been facing charges!