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Wendy’s Employee Chases Customer with Pan of Hot Grease

A customer got in an argument with with a Lehigh Acres Wendy’s employee, who proceeded to chase the customer with a pan of scalding hot grease. Fortunately, one of the other employees was able to knock the pan out of his hand before he was able to get to the customer, who was in the parking lot. No charges have been filed at this time.

It’s getting dangerous to get fast food… a few weeks ago, a woman in Colerain Township, near Cincinnati, Ohio got in a similar argument about getting refund over a mistaken order. She started throwing food at the staff, and the manager responded by throwing a blender at her. That case ended badly, as the blender broke the woman’s nose and cheekbone. At last word, no charges have been filed, and are unlikely to be filed, since the customer initiated the violence by throwing things at the manager. She may still be able to sue, and indicates she will pursue the matter. Something about waiting on fast food orders can trigger people, as I’ve seen several disputes end in violence.

Here’s the video from the Colerain McDonald’s incident:

Here’s the original story from WLWT:

And the full story after the video was released:

UPDATE: That’s not even getting in to other customers- reports are out that somebody got stabbed at Popeye’s over the new chicken sandwich!

Trial Begins for former Most Wanted Fugitive

Wesnel Isaac

Wesnel Isaac

Wesnel Isaac managed to evade capture for around 7 years, rising to not only Lee County’s most wanted list, but for the 15 most wanted for the U.S. Marshall’s service. He was eventually arrested in Haiti in 2014, and extradited back to Florida to face charges for an execution-style triple murder in Lehigh Acres allegedly related to his drug business. His trial began jury selection this morning.

One of his co-defendants also made it out of the country. Loubert Jules was captured trying to sneak back IN to the United States, crossing the Mexican border in the trunk of a car. He was sentenced to life in prison after trial. Two other co-defendants were given 8-year sentences for agreeing to cooperate and testify.