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Watermelon Thief

alligator watermelonThe Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit shared this photo of an alligator sneaking into a watermelon field and making off with a melon. This pic was snapped at a field in Hendry County last week. I’m glad they shared.

I didn’t even know alligators would eat melons… look how sneaky he is…

Hendry County Deputy Arrested for Battery on I-75

Simeon Harrynarine, a deputy with the Hendry County Sheriff, was arrested for allegedly beating his girlfriend while driving down the highway in Charlotte County. Harrynarine was one of the deputies involved in the Labelle shooting a few weeks ago. His girlfriend attributes his odd behavior to that incident. Harrynarine denies that he intentionally struck the girlfriend, but apparently admitted that he did so, claiming it was accidental. She required stitches for her injuries. No booking photo is available as the Defendant is a law enforcement officer. #badcops