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Judicial Nominees for Lee County Vacancy Announced

The JNC recently released the list of nominees for the County Judge position that was opened when Judge Hayes was elevated to the Circuit bench. The nominees are Jay Brizel, Zachary Gill, Darrell Hill, Gilberto Perez, and Steven Wetter. Brizel, Hill, and Wetter have all been nominated on previous occasions. I wish them all the best of luck as they move forward with the nominating process.

Florida Judges Can’t Wear Colored Robes… Or Flags

They issued a mandate some time last year that judges must wear black robes, and only black robes, throughout Florida courts. It is only an issue locally because some of the judges like to dress casually when they are covering weekend court, such as first appearances, and that may be verboten under the new dictum. Apparently the impetus was from some judges that have expressed some more flair… judges on the east coast with different colors every day of the week and a judge in Central Florida that had a camouflage robe made up.

Apparently, part of the court’s reason for the mandate can be traced back to a code dispute with Donald Trump!

Congrats to the New SW Florida Judges

Late last week, the announcements of the new circuit judges came out from the governor’s office. Crimcourts would like to extend congratulations to Leigh Frizzell Hayes and Geoffrey Gentile have been appointed to take the two impending vacancies on the 20th Judicial Circuit bench. Judge Hayes has been promoted from County Judge where she had served for several years. Sounds like she will be handling family law cases in Charlotte County, we’ll miss her in Lee County.

I heard early enough last week that I already congratulated Devin George, who has been appointed to the vacant County Court position. I’ve known Ms. George going all the way back to when we were both prosecutors, and think she will do a great job on the bench.

Judge Hayes’ promotion means that there will be another vacancy for her old position on the County Bench in Lee County… which means another round of applications and interviews.

Two New Judges Appointed

Two 20th Judicial Circuit positions have been filled. Robert Branning has been appointed to a circuit position, and Scott Cupp has been appointed to the county seat in Hendry County.

The Judicial Nomination List is Out

The nominees submitted to the governor for the open Circuit Judge Position in the 20th Judicial circuit are:

Robert Branning

Francine Donnorummo

Miguel Fernandez, III

Geoffrey Gentile

Jesus Hevia

Hon. James Sloan

Congratulations, and good luck!

Click to access 20th_circuit_winesett_certified_list_of_nominees.pdf

Naples news takes a look at the recent judicial elections

This is a good read from the NaplesNews– frankly an eye-opening read.  Kudos to author Jeff Lytle for asking some questions that people buzz about, but are frequently not aired out; I am talking specifically about the race issue.  There has to be some concern for the perceived leading candidate to lose so surprisingly, when he happens to have a hispanic name.  Nothing against Judge Foster, who didn’t pick his last name, and I have heard only good things about.  But I’m concerned for Southwest Florida, and for Democaracy, if the vote was decided by the way a name sounded. 

Congratulations to Mr. Foster, Judge Margaret Steinbeck, and the other winners of the recent election.