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Convicted Murderer Escapes Jail by Posing as Cellmate, Posting Bond

patrick walker

Escapee Patrick Walker

Patrick Walker, serving a life sentence for first-degree murder since a 2003 conviction, was transferred to a new cell and came up with a plan to escape. He realized that he resembled his new cellmate, and decided to pose as the other inmate, who was eligible to post a bond. Walker allegedly threatened forced cellmate Charles Pendarvis to give him his ID, under the threat of violence to he and his family. Walker then contact a woman on the outside to post bond for Pendarvis, and proceeded to walk out in his place. At this time, authorities do not beleive Pendarvis was a willing participant, and a massive manhunt is underway for Walker, considered to be a violent, dangerous individual.


Walker and Pendarvis

There is a resemblance between the two, while they’re not twins, it was enough to sneak past the jail when Walker flashed the ID. It reminds me of some other cases where subterfuge was used in the escape: the Florida inmates that forged court documents to get released, and the Alabama inmates that used peanut butter to cover a door number to get buzzed out to freedom. But the favorite is still Joeneather Singletary, the Lee County inmate who just buzzed the intercom and walked out, only to be caught 30 minutes later at Dunkin’ Donuts. She was still wearing her jail ID bracelet when they caught her: something that jail in Oklahoma ought to implement.


Man Escapes Prison… Six Days Before his Release

Matthew Medlin Booking Photo

Matthew Medlin Booking Photo

Mathew¬†Medlin had on six days until his release on charges related to sex abuse, burglary and assault. Apparently, he couldn’t wait, as he allegedly scaled a fence at an Oregon correctional facility and walked away. The escape didn’t last long, as Medlin was caught 12 hours later, just a couple miles down the road from the prison. It’s a plot line straight out of a Coen Brothers movie. Get it together, Oregon… he’s a sex offender.

Perhaps he couldn’t take the jail food any longer: Medlin was caught at a Jack in the Box: he was spotted by a corrections officer on another assignment who recognized him walking down the street. That reminds me of one of the most ridiculous escapes ever, which happened right here in Lee County. Back in 2008,¬†Joeneather Singletary walked out of the Lee County Jail. Literally pushed the intercom button, and the clerk buzzed her out. They caught her right down the street- she went to Dunkin’ Donuts! If you are on the run from teh cops, the Donut shop is the LAST place you want to go. Her little trip only lasted 30 minutes, and she went from misdemeanor charges to a new felony charge. She got herself an additional six months in jail for that, though she could have tried a novel defense… Is it escape if the jail buzzes you right out?

Medlin will likely be facing more incarceration- a lot longer than 6 days, for new escape charges. He also had to be treated for cuts suffered from the razor wire he crossed during his escape. If you excuse me, I’m going to go watch “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

o brother