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Maryland Deputy Shoots Groundhog

“This is not happening right now.”


A Maryland Deputy had a standoff in the road with an angry groundhog: the officer tries to scare the rodent out of the roadway, and the groundhog responds aggressively. I’m not kidding… the groundhog actually charged at him. The deputy then shoots the groundhog, and then shoots him a second time to finish him off before the video concludes.

The video is shocking, and while it immediately look like an improper use of force, the reality is that the deputy does not know if that groundhog is rabid or otherwise dangerous, and he does not have to wait to find out, under the law. It almost certainly could have been handled differently, but this is facially a justified use of force case. On a gopher.

Here’s the video: it is graphic:

Sounds like this deputy was trained by Chief Sandy McFiddish:

Can’t help but think of the old South Park “It’s coming right for us!” I’ve said it before, good work, Jimbo!


Uncle Jimbo – Fighting Off the Dangerous Animals

Of course, Bull Murray advanced his career killing groundhogs:

It’s Coming Right For Us: Redux


Jojo – The “Attacker”

Vicious animals on the attack again. This time, a Detroit man was filled with fear and shot his neighbors dog… all 5 vicious pounds of him. The man killed his 14-year-old neighbors chihuahua.

While police found he was justified: leash laws said the dog legally should have been restrained and not running loose, this is just a shame. He says he felt threatened. What was she gonna do… bite his ankles? The man was a licensed gun owner, who apparently is just a giant pussy cat. ¬†Nice work, Jimbo.

Uncle Jimbo - Fighting Off the Dangerous Animals

Uncle Jimbo – Fighting Off the Dangerous Animals

Man Guilty in Shark Killing Case

According to NBC-2, the judge has just found a man guilty of four fishing violations related to his killing of a Sandbar Shark last year. At trial in Fort Myers today, the man claimed he killed the shark in self-defense. Three of the counts were related to taking the shark, the other count was an obstruction count for throwing fish overboard. I don’t have time to get into all the details, but I wanted to share the verdict, which I just saw on the news. The man was sentenced to 6 months of probation for the charges, with fines, fees and probably substantial costs to be paid.

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