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Drunk, Pantsless Woman Crashes into Waffle House


Judy Tabor

Sometimes, things just come together for the perfect story… the perfect Florida story. The headline says it all. To cap it off, a couple of cops responded quickly because they just happened to be near by… because of course they were. Sadly, Jalopnik beat me to this story, and they just nailed the write up, so click through for the full details! Judy Tabor has been charged with a DUI for the crash.


The damaged Waffle House, image via Crestview Bulletin, Thomas Boni

The incident happened back in October, but authorities were waiting on blood alcohol tests to file the charges. Her blood levels were several times the legal limit.

Myths About Traffic Tickets

Blogger Steve Lehto, who I have linked to in the past, is an attorney who write about car-related legal issues. He did a post this week about traffic tickets, and it’s pretty spot on, so I’m sharing it here. One caveat, many times we can get a ticket dismissed in some counties if the cop doesn’t show up- the policies about that are really localized. All the more reason to talk to an experienced attorney if you get a ticket!


Steve Lehto Shares Tips on What to do If You Get Pulled Over

Blogger Steve Lehto, an attorney from Michigan shares some pointers in his latest column: http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/how-to-reduce-the-odds-of-being-ticketed-during-a-traff-1645604557

I would add, be exceedingly polite. I doubt anything makes as big a difference on whether you are getting ticket, and what deal you get at court, than how you treat the cop.

Car Writer Goes to Jail for His Test Drive

Camaro ZL1, photo courtesy Chevrolet.com

Camaro ZL1, photo courtesy Chevrolet.com

No, he didn’t steal the tester… he just drove like he stole it. Patrick George, a writer for car-enthusiast website Jalopnik.com, recently got charged with reckless driving for speeding during his test drive. No doubt, his speed was excessive, but so was the sentence: which entailed three days in jail on a first offense. His eye opening experience led him to write a great first-person account of his brief, yet eye-opening, time in jail: “Never Speed in Virginia: Lessons From My Three Days in Jail“. Go read it now.

Yasiel Puig Arrest

Yasiel Puig Arrest

The legal issue that stood out for me was that Virginia automatically considers high speed to be reckless driving, and therefore a criminal offense. In Florida, speed alone cannot constitute reckless driving. That’s why when baseball all-star Yasiel Puig of the Dodgers got pulled over flying across the Alligator Alley a few months back, the state ultimately dropped the charges. That didn’t keep an overzealous Trooper from throwing him in jail instead of issuing a citation in the first place, but that’s an argument for another post. But speed alone can be a crime in Virginia, subjecting drivers to up to a year in jail.

I suspect that not many first time reckless drivers actually end up in jail… frankly I hope not. Not only does it cost taxpayers money, it goes against well established principles of recognizance for first time offenders. Sheesh, make a guy pay a fine or do some community service if you have to: something to benefit the community instead of taxing it. I don’t practice in Virginia, but this reeks of small town justice. The national media writer from DC gets popped in a small town, and they hammer him to teach a lesson. This kind of abuse of power also carries the risk of discriminatory sentencing. Think of the cliche little town with an all-powerful judicial figure; Boss Hogg still lives. I keep thinking of “Nothing But Trouble“, an unfortunate Chevy Chase/Dan Akyroyd vehicle from 1991. And in that movie, Chevy Chase actually fled, in this case, Mr. George was immediately contrite. They say speed kills, but random jailings don’t really work as effective deterrents.


Don’t do drugs and drive…

Abby Elsner

Especially not at the same time.  This young lady was shooting up heroin while she was driving down the street.  She didn’t even stop when she pulled up next to a cop, who promptly turned her over.  You can get a DUI for driving under the influence of controlled substances, but that’s not as bad as the felony for DOING the substances (and/or possessing them).  She’s clearly got a substance abuse problem, and hopefully this will be a wakeup call to get her help.