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Jail Mistreatment Suit from Charlotte County is Underway

The civil rights trial of a jail mistreatment suit from Charlotte County got started in Federal Court in Fort Myers, today. Amy Bennett Williams is covering the case for the News-Press.

Clearwater Man Tries to Tunnel out of his Jail Cell

Authorities in Clearwater got a tip that a Pinellas County inmate, Scott Lambert, was trying to dig out of his jail cell. When they searched, they found that he had in fact started a hole under his bunk, though it was only 6 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. He was quite a way from Shawshanking out of there like Andy Dufresne.

An Argument for Prison Reform by a Conservative

This article ran in the NYTimes, which may seem an ironic place to locate a strong, conservative argument, but contributor Richard Viguerie makes several strong, logical arguments for smart prison reform. For years, legislators have made sentencing more harsh across the country in an effort to appeal to voters by being tough on crime. The resultant increase in prison populations creates a tension with conservative values of limited government and Christian principles that indicate the ever-toughening punishment policies may not make sense. It is certainly hard to justify from a cost/benefit analysis, and Viguerie cites several examples why not.

This is an issue that will take real leadership to effectuate real change, but it is ripe for across the aisle, bipartisan reform. Meanwhile, the citizens of Miami-Dade Florida are spending hundreds of dollars to house Chad Johnson in jail for patting his lawyers butt.