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Dominoes-Sex Couple Avoids Jail

dominoes 2

Craig Smith and Daniella Hirst

daniella hirst

Daniella Hirst

A frisky British couple got busted a few weeks back for having sex in the Dominoes lobby while they waited for their pizza. Their escapade got caught on the store’s surveillance camera, and eventually came to the attention of authorities. They were charged with acts that outraged public decency. The couple, Daniella Hirst, 29, and her boyfriend, Craig Smith, 31, seemed to revel in the exposure, even posing for some flirty pictures for the media. Clearly, much booze was involved.

Their tuned changed when the went before the court. Hirst pleaded guilty while Smith was found guilty after an evidentiary hearing. Yesterday they appeared for sentencing, and were ultimately spared jail. However, they got 12 months of supervision, including 23 weeks of in-home curfew, which may significantly inhibit their romantic adventures.

The video is below- needless to say NSFW (not safe for work)

Couple Busted for Sex in a Home Depot Display Shed

  • They were nailed… by the cops

home depot coupleCheck out the full article. Here’s the thing, the guy was charged with indecent exposure. Unless the laws there are different, it’s not indecent exposure if they closed the door behind them, which was apparently the case. The cops can’t claim to be offended by what they saw, if they are the ones who opened the door! Public indecency has a “public” element to the exposure. Disorderly conduct, on the other hand, may be the right charge. Be safe this holiday weekend!