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Grand Jury declines to indict teens in Chinese food delivery killing

In a surprise, a Grand Jury declined to indict 2 teens that had been arrested and charged with Felony Murder for allegedly killing a delivery-person during a robbery.  It’s a surprise, because there is a lower burden of proof before a Grand Jury, and the State can usually get their indictment.  The old saying is, the state could indict a ham sandwich if they wanted to.  This Grand Jury isn’t biting on that sandwich, so far. 

According press reports, the Grand Jury stated that the only evidence of their involvement was an admission of one of the juveniles, and that they other one may have had an alibi.  They are slated for release, shortly.  According to the News-Press, the FM PD will continue to investigate.  If additional evidence can be presented to the Grand Jury, an indictment can still be obtained.  Also, the state could decide to direct file an Information (or a Juvenile petition) against the teens if they think they can prove it at trial- so the case is not over, for sure.

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