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The New Fort Myers Police Chief is Reaching Out to the Community


FMPD Chief Derrick Diggs

After my last couple posts, I am glad to change it up with some positive news coming from law enforcement. The new Chief of FMPD held a couple of community engagement sessions for the purpose of building a relationship between the department and the community. Chief Derrick Diggs held two sessions today, and is holding another session tomorrow. I think he has his work cut out for him, but every journey begins with the first step. Ironically, the News-Press linked relates stories to this one, so as you read the article, there are linked headlines to stories about harassment, and persistent discrimination at the Department.

Chief Diggs is taking the first positive steps to develop a positive culture at FMPD, which is a building block to connecting with the community and hopefully addressing the violence that has become persistent.

Off-duty Deputy Fixes up Hoop for Neighborhood Kids


Deputy Cox, via LCSO Facebook

LCSO Deputy Cox noticed that the basketball hoop where some small kids on his beat liked to play was in disrepair. On his own time, he found an old hoop, fixed it up for the kids, and even got them a new net! Great work deputy- always nice to share some good news of cops going above and beyond the normal duty!


Cops Called on Basketball Game, Cops Responds and Dunks it Up

cop dunksI guess some kids in Gainesville were having too much fun or something, playing basketball, and somebody called the cops on them. Why? I don’t know… something about noise perhaps, as if that was illegal. So, somebody literally calls the fun police, and the cops have to respond to the call. He walks up to the guys, and says, “Can you believe it?” I love it.

He hung around to shoot hoops for a little while, and even lowered the rim for a dankaroo! That’s good police work. It was Gainesville PD that posted the video, with a comment that they have no problem with kids being kids. #hoopsnotcrime Good stuff.


Cape Coral Police and City Workers Save man Trapped in Canal

A man was operating a riding lawnmower today in Cape Coral, when it tipped and fell into a water-filled canal. Quick action by CCPD and public works employees were able to free the man, who had been pinned by the mower in the water. He had to be taken to the hospital. Good work Justin Cave and to the other city employees whose quick response saved the man.

via News-press.com

Ohio Officer Doesn’t Shoot Suicidal Man

Image from Ofc. Kidder's body cam

Image from Ofc. Kidder’s body cam

Officer Jessie Kidder, of New Richmond, Ohio, deserves a medal of some sort. A double murder suspect led police on a chase, with an intent to commit suicide by cop. When he was stopped by Ofc. Kidder, he approached the officer aggressively, asking the officer to shoot him, and threatening the officer. There is no doubt that in light of the circumstances Kidder would have been justified in using deadly force to defend himself. But he demonstrated extreme restraint, and it turned out that no force was necessary, as the suspect surrendered when backup arrived.

The entire incident is documented on a body cam video. Amazingly, the camera was not provided by the department, but by Kidder himself (it was a gift from family). Had he needed to use deadly force, the video would have proven him justified. Fortunately, he was able to resolve the incident without killing the man. The video is on the WLWT website, and it is dramatic.

EDIT- New Richmond is in Ohio, not KY. Sorry.

Lee Sheriff Deputies Save a box full of Abandoned Kitties

LCSO Captain Keith Day with his Rescued Kitty

LCSO Captain Keith Day with his Rescued Kitty

Deputies Keith Day and Justin Adams rescued an entire boxful of little kitties that had been abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Looks like the kittens will be fine. Great save, guys!

Moron Punches Self in Face, Tries to Blame Cops

Aleksander Tomaszewski Mug Shot

Aleksander Tomaszewski Mug Shot

Aleksander Tomaszewski of Eugene, Oregon thought he’d get himself out of jail if he claimed that the cops beat him up (incorrect). To bolster his lie, he punched himself in the face repeatedly, generating the bruises you can see in his mug shot. Unbeknownst to him, he was being recorded by a jail video camera the whole time. Needless to say, that did not aid in his efforts to be released from custody. As the NYDY points out– very “Fight Club”!

Crimcourts has long been an advocate of more cameras for law enforcement use. The cameras in this jail proved this criminal’s allegations to be false. They are a great tool, and it would really only take some cursory training to make sure that officers don’t try to game the system like these cops recently in St. Louis.

Be sure to watch the video, available on the NBC-2 link.


Cop Provides a Bed for Teen Who Didn’t Have One

An uplifting story from South Carolina, a cop found that a young man didn’t have a proper bed, so he gave him one, along with several other gifts. He said his heart went out to the kid, and is planning to get him a dresser and mirror when he can. Great community building by this officer!



Local Deputies Save Horse from Mud #goodcops

courtesy LCSO

courtesy LCSO

Lee County Deputies and Collier County Deputies teamed up to save a horse that was on the verge of drowning in a mudhole. Great work guys!


LCSO has more pics on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.679626962088579.1073741840.126209800763634&type=1

Miami Cop Buys Food for Shoplifting Mom #goodcops

Cool story out of Miami: officer Vicki Thomas was called out for a shoplifting complaint. When the suspect told her how she could not afford food for her children, the cop took it on her own initiative to purchase some groceries for the family. She did her job, and cited the lady for the criminal charge, but she was nice enough not to arrest her for the misdemeanor. That’s in contrast to so many people who get thrown into jail for minor offenses and compound the problems. Hopefully the prosecutor and judge will also show her some sympathy.

Here’s the video story: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/bestoftv/2013/10/23/cop-buys-groceries-better-thomas-stuff-newday.cnn.html