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Some Officers are Buying Their Own Body Cams

Officer Kidder of New Richmond, Ohio, whose body cam showed his impressive restraint in not using deadly force in his confrontation with a murder suspect, was using his own body cam during the incident. It was apparently given to him by a family member. Apparently, there is a growing trend of officers wanting to have cameras to document their actions, even when the departments don’t provide it. It’s refreshing to see officers who believe in their work and are interested in honestly documenting their interactions.

Again, Crimcourts would encourage more law enforcement agencies to implement body cameras for the protection of the community, and the officers who are doing a good job. Fort Myers has started rolling them out, in spite of a short delay due to union complaints about camera policies, and Cape Coral is doing the same. Kudos to the Cities of Fort Myers and Cape Coral for taking the initiative to introduce body cameras.

FMPD Chief Baker Sends Individual Letters to 25 of the City’s ‘Worst Offenders’

I certainly applaud the effort. I don’t know how effectual sending letters is going to be, but for the cost of a few stamps the Department is reaching out and making proactive effort to curb the violence that has been rampant in Fort Myers lately. Community policing and collaboration with community members is assuredly the most effective way to reduce crime and violence.


Collier Deputies Hold 8th Annual ‘Shop with a Cop’ Event

Collier County deputies took about 40 needy kids Christmas shopping, to give them a Christmas they wouldn’t be able to have, otherwise.  Good for Collier County Sheriff’s Office! #goodcops



The photo, and now the story, of the cop giving shoes to a homeless guy has gone viral, and rightfully so.  It’s just so heartwarming, especially in December in the runup to Christmas, I couldn’t resist sharing the story: http://cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/us/2012/11/30/point-nypd-deprimo-boots-for-homeless-man.cnn.htmlContinue reading

Cops giving back on their vacation

Here’s a heartwarmer for your Thanksgiving: Charlotte County deputies are giving their vacation time to help Hurricane Sandy cleanup in New Jersey.  Kudos to public servants doing MORE public service on their time! Thanks guys, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! #goodcops