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Serial Killer – OJ claim documentary on Glen Rogers

Glen Rogers DOC photo

I checked out the documentary on Glen Rogers, the so-called Cross-Country Killer that aired recently on the Investigation Discovery channel, and it is haunting.  The film doesn’t focus on the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murders for most of its 2 hours, though the OJ link is the big hook that it builds up to at the end.  The film spends a good deal of time going through the history of Glen Rogers, the making of a serial killer.  Extensive interviews with his sister and brother, who narrates the film, paint a desolate picture of an evil man.

The murders committed by Glen Rogers were brutal and horrific.  He claimed, and his brother believes, that he killed upwards of 70 people before he was caught.  While is only formally attributed 5 victims, there seems to be strong evidence of at least several others presented in the documentary.  The 70 would seem to be unrealistic.  It is certainly plausible that he killed more prior to beginning his documented spree (1993 until his capture in 1995), or others in the interim.  The last three were killed in a spree in about a week shortly preceding his capture.

I have to admit the Simpson/Goldman killings are possible.  They occurred in the midst of his serial killings, and apparently while he was living in the Los Angeles area.  His brother claims that he had discussed meeting Nicole Brown Simpson prior to her death, and had even made a comment about intending to “take her down”.  Therefore, he had opportunity and clearly the depraved mind making him capable of brutal murder.  His brother claims that Rogers sent his mother an angel pin, a souvenir taken during the killing.  Rogers has claimed that OJ was there, and put him up to the crime, but wasn’t the actual killer.

Skeptics have pointed out that the M.O. of the crime differs from Glen Rogers history.  However, like many of Roger’s murders, it was a violent knife attack with multiple stab wounds.  The motive was apparently robbery, which was a motive in other offenses (he was concurrently convicted of Robbery and Theft in the Cribbs case in Florida).  He certainly can’t be ruled out as a suspect in the case.

The implication of Glen Rogers’ involvement in the Brentwood murders does not absolve OJ: Rogers claim would involve OJ and still make him legally responsible for the murders.  Additionally, there is substantial and well documented evidence of OJ’s involvement in the killings (he was found civilly liable for the deaths in a later trial).  But the possibility that Rogers was involved does not rule out that OJ was guilty, as well.  There is a suspicion that such claims would be brought up now in a late ploy to try to delay Rogers’ trip to the executioner’s chair, which makes it less likely that the state would care to investigate the claims.  Which would be a shame.  Rogers may go to his death without a full accounting of his deeds.  There may be a lot more victims out there whose families will never know what happened.  I am still a skeptic, but I am fascinated at the far-reaching ramifications of a nearly 20-year-old killing spree.

Serial killer claims O.J. innocent, says he is the real killer

Convicted serial killer Glen Rogers

Convicted murderer Glen Rogers has come forward with claims that he was the actual murdered of OJ Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ronald Goldman.  Rogers is currently on death row in Florida and California for other murders for which he has been convicted. Known as the “Cross Country Killer”, he once claimed to be responsible for about 70 total killings, though he recanted that statement.  He has been on Florida’s death row since July, 1997.  His brother has produced a documentary detailing the claims and supporting evidence, so you can watch and decide for yourself.

Now, his claims don’t absolve OJ of responsibility.  He says The Juice hired him to burglarize Nicole Simpson’s home to steal some diamond earings that had been a gift, and that OJ waited nearby when the crime took place.  He even claims OJ walked through the crime scene leaving the infamous Bruno Magli shoeprint.  As a conspirator to an armed burglary, OJ would still be guilty of Felony Murder (I don’t know if that is a capital offense in California) for the deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman.  The claims seem farfetched, but I haven’t seen the film, yet. I’m sure they will still seem farfetched.  #oj