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Charlotte County Man Arrested after Filming Cops, Harrassing Witnesses

Ian McGuire

Charlotte County Deputies served a warrant today on Ian McGuire, accusing him of three counts of Harassing a Witness, two counts of Obstruction of Justice, and Breach of the Peace. McGuire showed up at an investigation in April and started filming deputies who were searching a warrant. They’d have a hard time charging him with anything related to that, due to his First Amendment protections. However, he took it a step farther by stepping into the crime scene area, arguing with Deputies, and allegedly mocking witnesses that were speaking to deputies. He has a First Amendment right to film public interactions, but he may have crossed the line if his words or actions interfered with the deputies’ lawful investigations (they were responding to a report of an aggravated battery). McGuire posted a 19 minute video of the incident, online. McGuire has previously been in the news for his activism.

The Amanda Knox Documentary is now on Netflix

The documentary about Amanda Knox, and the case of the murder of Meredith Kercher, is no streaming on Netflix.

Gideon’s Army is Screening Tonight at the Miami International Film Festival

Gideon’s Army, the documentary film detailing life in the trenches

Public Defender Travis Williams in "Gideon's Army"

Public Defender Travis Williams in “Gideon’s Army”

for several public defenders, is screening tonight at 7 pm at the Miami International Film Festival. Check it out, tell me how it is!