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More on the Miranda Arrest

British Authorities Accused of Intimidation for Detention of Journalist’s Partner

We covered the detention in the U.K. of David Miranda, the partner of a Guardian journalist who has been involved in the Edward Snowden leak. Now the British authorities are fending off tough questions about the detention, and a lawsuit has been filed to declare the action illegal. It should be noted that Miranda has not been charged, or even accused of any wrongdoing. However, he was detained, questioned, and threatened with incarceration over a period of eight hours by British law enforcement authorities.

U.S. Was Notified by Brits in Detention of Journalist’s Partner, David Miranda

  • But, did they read Miranda his rights?

British law enforcement detained Brazilian national David Miranda for 7 hours at an airport, under a provision of an anti-terror law from 2000. The United States was notified, but U.S. officials claim not to have directed the detention, but they were apparently notified that he was going to be passing through the airport. Miranda is the partner of a journalist who published information leaked by Edward Snowden. At this time, there has been no indication of wrongdoing, much less terrorist activities, on the part of Mr. Miranda. Brazil has already diplomatically expressed their concern about their citizen being detained in this way. However, his computer and other electronic property was seized. In addition to the concern about detaining an individual for such species reasons, there is a concern about the chilling effect this may cause to the press. The Guardian, where Mr. Miranda’s partner works, has already expressed concern.