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Fireworks fly in Dunn trial sentencing

Check out the heated argument- with video from Wink News: http://www.winknews.com/Local-Florida/2012-12-06/Penalty-phase-begins-for-2008-Cape-Coral-daycare-shooter

Robert Dunn review

Thanks again to the News-Press.com for the mention in their recent article on the Dunn trial.  I know Mr. Dunn’s attorney, David Brener, takes an exception to my characterization of some of the facts of the case as horrific, but that’s a fair interpretation of the facts.  Mr. Dunn is now convicted of taking a gun into a day care and shooting his estranged wife in front of a classroom full of children.  It doesn’t matter what I call it in an article, those are bad facts that the jury will be weighing during the sentencing phase.  I had also commented that there are mitigating factors that the jury would consider, such as Mr. Dunn’s history of mental health issues.  That comment didn’t make the final cut, but Mr. Stewart did include Mr. Brener’s comments regarding his illness.  Brener is an excellent death-penalty defender, and Mr. Dunn would be foolish to have him removed from the case, as he has requested of Judge Steinbeck. 

As discussed in the article, the conviction is only part of the way to the death penalty, and the last several 1st Degree convictions in Lee County did not result in a death sentence.  Mr. Brener was able to avoid the death penalty for Kemar Johnston, in spite of evidence that Mr. Johnston was a gang leader, and directed the torture of the 2 victims (though the details were in dispute).  The last death sentence in Lee County was 5 years ago in the Twilegar case, wherein Mr. Twilegar beat the victim over the head and then buried him alive.  Crimcourts will continue to follow the #robertdunn case.

Robert Dunn trial, 11/16

I haven’t been able to watch any of the trial itself since it started a couple days ago, but if you’re interested, WINK is blogging from the trial: http://t.co/UcpVOyQ4

Robert Dunn trial, 11/14: Jury Selection Complete

Rob Spicker reports on Twitter (@RobSpickerWINK) that the jury has been sworn in the Dunn trial, and opening statements will be this afternoon.  Crimcourts won’t be able to attend, but I will try to track down a story on it. #robertdunn

Robert Dunn, 11/7

According to Wink’s Rob Spicker, the Dunn trial has moved toe the second part of the jury selection.  That is, a panel of jurors who were not disqualified by previous knowledge from the media coverage are now being questioned to see who is actually on the jury.  There are probably about 60 jurors on the panel now, which is a lot for a non-serious case, but still may not be enough to seat a death-qualified jury. #robertdunn


Jury Selection is continuing slowly in the Robert Dunn Day Care Killing trial.  They are referring to it in court as the Bobbie Noonan Day Care Murder case.  The attorneys didn’t get through as many potential jurors today as they … Continue reading

Robert Dunn trial appears to be a ‘go’ for tomorrow

The clerk hasn’t update the abstract yet, but according to Judge Margaret Steinbeck’s calendar, the Robert Dunn / Cape Coral Day Care Killing trial is slated to start tomorrow morning.  The State is seeking the Death Penalty for pre-meditated, First Degree Murder.  Mr. Dunn allegedly shot his estranged wife in front her class of small children.  The State has charged both pre-meditated murder and felony murder, that is: that the murder occurred in the course of a burglary.  If either of those aggravators are proven, he can be convicted of the capital offense of First Degree Murder, and therefore be subject to the death penalty.

The State has also charged him with Armed Burglary, and Child Abuse, for committing murder with a firearm in proximity to the aforesaid children.  These other offenses are among the aggravators that the State will use to say the death penalty is appropriate.