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It’s Against the law to Block Traffic, Even to Propose

A Texas man made headlines this week with the huge romantic gesture of blocking a highway to propose to his girlfriend. It may be sweet, but it’s also against the law. He is now facing a misdemeanor obstruction of a roadway charge. It did make a nice photo with the city int he background.

Hopefully his judge is a hopeless romantic!

Self-driving Car Pulled Over… Who Gets the Ticket?

The Google autonomous vehicle was recently pulled over driving in California. Not for bad driving so much… it was driving too slowly. Google has capped their vehicle at 25 MPH while they test it. No ticket was given; the officer was apparently concerned that something may be wrong, and reminded the Google operator (who was in the passenger seat) to be careful so as not to obstruct other traffic. The Google cars have done very well, most of the accidents they’ve been involved with were getting rear-ended by other vehicles not expecting such a cautious driver.

As to my headline question, “Who gets the ticket”… I don’t know the answer to that. California has drawn up a set of laws specifically to deal with driver-less cars, and the testing of them, so I suspect there is a provision to cite the operator, if it becomes necessary. In theory, having computers control the cars should all but eliminate many driving infractions, like speeding. I welcome our Google overlords, as long as I still get to drive for fun sometimes…

Twitter photo claimed credit by: https://twitter.com/zandr

Tiny Driver Asleep at Wheel

Way too cute. Ley says its the world’s most adorable DUI. I wouldn’t go so far to call it a DUI, but I agree it’s adorable…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=266mQYWcJuE via theconcourse.deadspin.com

Don’t Drive with your Hazard Lights on in Florida

This probably is the law in other states as well. It is illegal in Florida to drive with your hazard lights blinking (unless you’re in a funeral procession). It’s confusing to other drivers and emergency vehicles, and may actually decrease visibility. If the visibility is so low that you don’t think people can see you… pull over until the weather gets better! Thanks Kenny and wptv: http://www.wptv.com/news/hazard-lights-in-the-rain-the-law-explained-to-florida-drivers

The Florida DMV Sent Out Erroneous Suspensions

The Florida DHSMV has switched to a new system for validating insurance, and they are experiencing difficulties. Erroneous notices of suspension have gone out.

You can check the validity of your driver’s license here: https://services.flhsmv.gov/DLCheck/

(The WINK link isn’t working at this time.) If you get a notice of suspension, get it fixed: it is a crime to knowingly drive on a suspended license in Florida, and you could face jail time. If you have recently moved, it would be worth double checking to make sure your DL is ok.

Criminal Charges Against Yasiel Puig Dropped

Puig Arrest

Puig Arrest

The State Attorney’s Office in Collier County has announced they are not proceeding on the criminal Reckless Driving Charge. He still faces a speeding ticket, which is a civil infraction, for allegedly going 110 in a 70 mph zone on the Alligator Alley. Crimcourts previously declared that charges would not hold up in court, as the state must prove more than speeding to show the willful and wanton element of reckless driving. There is a link to the video of the incident on our earlier post.

Things not to do: Pretend tolls don’t apply to you

alleged Toll dodger Harry Francis

This guy was arrested for driving on a suspended license.  Why was his DL suspended?  Oh, just $42,000 in unpaid tolls and collection fees.  Oops.  The tolls would have only cost $304 if he had paid them on time.  Mr. Harry Francis allegedly has racked up 150 different license suspensions.

Personally, I hate tolls.  But, if you’re gonna drive the road (bridge), you gotta pay the toll.  Driving with a suspended license is a criminal offense in Florida, and can be a felony with repeat offenses.   #thingsnottodo