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You have a right to an Attorney if you can’t afford one, but you still have to pay

John Oliver takes on the overworked, underpaid challenges of the public defenders in our criminal justice system. I know some very good attorneys who are public defenders… or were until they found a job that paid a living wage. Fittingly, several of the examples he uses for this article are from Florida… most disturbing is the guy, on Hospice, who gets arrested for not having a valid driver’s license, and spends too months in jail… and then they spend thousands of dollars trying to recoup the fees and assessments. It’s symptomatic of bigger problems with the system.

Orlando Woman Erroneously identified as Sexual Predator on FL DL

Erroneous DL of Tammy Lemasters

Erroneous DL of Tammy Lemasters

Sexual Predator is about the worst thing you can be called under the law. The Florida DHSMV erroneously put a sexual predator designation on the license of Tammy LeMasters, from Orlando. The good news is, it is an easy fix (after she gets through the line at the DHSMV. The bad news is mostly embarrassment. She is planning a lawsuit, though it is hard to claim much actual damage. The notoriety of the lawsuit will far exceed any reputational harm she had for the few people who saw the erroneous license!