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George Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Wants Charges Dropped

Samantha Scheibe, who has accused George Zimmerman of pointing a shotgun at her, has sworn out an affidavit stating that she does not want for the State to go forward on the Aggravated Assault charge he is facing. Notably, she also contradicted her previous statement, saying that Zimmerman did not point the firearm at her. She says she was intimidated by investigators who interrogated her after the incident.

The state attorney’s office has the final decision on whether they proceed with charges, but the recantation of the primary allegation will make it hard to prove any case beyond a reasonable doubt. Only the two of them really know what happened that day, and without her cooperation, the state would have great difficulty proving the initial claim. I expect they will not proceed.

No Charges Against George Zimmerman for Domestic Dispute

The Sanford Police announced yesterday that after a review of the incident, no criminal charges were warranted. This was expected from the details available at the time of the dispute.

A Tribute to Fallen Sgt. Michael Wilson

The processional memorial in Charlotte County today was moving. My friend, Christy Feinberg, wrote a tribute for the Sun-Herald that is particularly moving. You can read her sentiments here:  https://www.facebook.com/ChristyFeinberg/posts/213811825444077

Chad Johnson is Getting Out : Ocho Freed!

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Celebration

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Celebration

The judge who sentenced Chad Johnson to 30 days in jail has relented, after his apology and request by his attorney, and agreed to let Chad out of jail. Mr. Johnson is still on probation, and must check in and do his community service, plus whatever counseling and fines remain to be completed.

Deadspin notes that his situation is turning unfortunate, as he’s losing money, but still harbors hope of getting a shot to get back to the NFL. This latest jail stint is unlikely to facilitate that, or a job with a TV network. It’s a shame, because he had a lot of talent on the football field. #freeocho

Terrell Owens Visited Chad Johnson in Jail #freeocho

T.O. tweeted about his visit. Sounds like Chad’s doing ok, even if he doesn’t belong in jail.



Florida Attorney General Stands Up for Chad Johnson

Attorney General Pamela Bondi

Attorney General Pamela Bondi

Pam Bondi, the non-nonsense, chief law enforcement officer of the State of Florida weighed in on TMZ, and even she feels the punishment doesn’t fit the crime… or in this case, non-crime. Bondi told TMZ it shows questionable judicial temperament. Ms. Bondi a former prosecutor and Fox News contributor, has never been accused of being soft on crime. Somebody needs to ask “Chain Gang Charlie” Charlie Crist how he feels about it.

Also, there is now a Free Ochocinco Facebook page. #freeocho

Chad Johnson Asks Judge to Reconsider Butt-Slap Jail Sentence

Chad Johnson’s attorney (the slappee) filed a motion on Johnson’s behalf to ask the judge to reconsider the 30 day jail sentence she imposed after he slapped his lawyer on the backside in court. I think the attorney makes a pretty compelling argument, per USA Today, “”Mr. Johnson has been a professional football player in the National Football League for 11 years and patting another individual on the backside is viewed as a sign of respect and gratitude,” he said in the motion. “It is clear that the court misinterpreted Mr. Johnson’s interaction with his attorney.”” Of course, I thought that the jail probably wasn’t appropriate if he wasn’t going to jail before the slap.

If the clap rose to the level of disrespect that warranted jail time, it should have been handled as contempt of court. If not, then the agreed upon sentence should probably have been accepted. Respect and Gratitude!

Also, Deadspin has more on the rookie judge who bench-slapped Johnson. Turns out, she is legally blind.