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Lee County has made its First Arrest for a Violation of the Safer-at-Home Order

John Demeo via LCSO

Lee County made its first arrest of an individual for violating the governor’s ‘Safer-at-Home’ order. He was not arrested just for being away from his home for non-essential activities; he was also arrested for multiple other offenses. That is to say, he was going to jail anyway, not just for the violating the stay-at-home order.

John Demeo was first warned to stay away, after he allegedly got intoxicated and threatened his girlfriend. Officer’s told him not to call her, but he called her again while they were still at her home and threatened her while the officer was listening. They tracked him by cell phone GPS to a parking lot, but agreed to not arrest him, and waited for someone to pick him up. About 10 minutes later, they got another call from the girlfriend that John had returned. When they detained him, they discovered he already had an out-of-county warrant for a DUI violation of probation, and proceeded to arrest him for disorderly intoxication, criminal mischief (for damaged property) and the violation of the governor’s emergency order, all misdemeanors. He was held with no bond until he went in front of a judge, but was subsequently able to bond out.

South Carolina Man Arrested for Faking Corona Virus

  • He faked a doctor’s note saying he had corona virus.
  • It forced the Business where he worked to close for 5 days.

Jeffrey Long

A 31-year old man in Inman, South Carolina apparently decided he wanted a few days off of work, and allegedly forged a doctor’s excuse claiming he had the coronavirus. The employer did the responsible thing, not just letting him off, but shutting down their entire facility, a call center, for several days while they brought in professionals to sanitize the building.

fake corona note

While he was off work, the man also decided to visit his children at school, causing educators to worry that other children had been exposed. Fortunately, the whole thing was a scam, and nobody was exposed to danger. The man, Jeffrey Travis, is now facing charges for forgery and breach of peace. This is the second South Carolina resident arrested for falsely making claims about the the virus. Robert Cullum was also charged with breach of peace for telling his employer that he was at risk because his son had the virus. However bad you might want a vacation, it’s not worth going to jail!

Drunk Woman Bitten by Tiger after Breaking into Zoo to Pet Tiger

Jacqueline Eade Mug Shot

Jacqueline Eade Mug Shot

Jaqueline Eide snuck into the Omaha, Nebraska zoo over the weekend to try to pet a tiger. Unfortunately for her, she was successful, and when she stuck her hand in the tiger cage it bit her hand. She was injured severely by the bite, and may lose some of her fingers. She was reported to have shown signs of intoxication from alcohol or drugs [duh!].

The random guy that CNN interviewed probably said it best, that to injure yourself, you “have to be willfully stupid.” Indeed.

But it looked like sooooo cool in “The Hangover”:

Watch a Crazy Person Dance on a Sheriff’s Vehicle

Exactly what the headline says, this guy must be high. He climbs on top of a marked Sheriff’s SUV, presumably in front of the deputy’s home, and just starts jamming away. It looks like he has a few moments of conversation with an imaginary friend, as well. Either he is impaired, or has a major mental health issue: there is no rational explanation for this behavior! Enjoy, courtesy Lee County Sheriff’s YouTube channel:

Florida Grandma Gets Six Months in Jail for Public Sex [hyperlinks fixed]

Margaret “Peggy” Klemm

The Villages, a large retirement community in Central Florida, is becoming more famous for the sexual exploits of some of its residents, than for being an idyllic place to retire and play golf.Last month, a 68 year grandmother of 14, Margaret “Peggy” Klemm was arrested for public sex in the main square of the community, along with her significantly younger boyfriend (she has been married 50 years, to another man). She had just been put on probation for an arrest for drunk driving.. on her golf cart. The Daily Mail did an impressive expose of the wild and seedy side of the Villages community, it’s worth a read.

This week, Ms. Klemm was sentenced to 6 months in jail for indecent exposure (and disorderly conduct). Her boyfriend, who is too young to live at the Villages, and lives a few miles away, was also sentenced to a similar jail sentence. The county judge apparently did approve of the international media attention the couple brought to his not-so-quite little town.

The Daily Mail article is at this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2657325/Ten-women-man-black-market-Viagra-thriving-swingers-scene-Welcome-The-Villages-Florida-elderly-residents-Sex-Square-cocktail-honor-woman-68-arrested-public-sex-toyboy.html

I had a link error before. Check out the Smoking Gun Sory on the plea and sentence here: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/grandmother-pleads-to-public-sex-675432

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