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College Kid Carjacks an Ambulance, Masturbates at Police Station

Stefan Sortland Mug Shot

Stefan Sortland Mug Shot

Drugs are bad, mmmm-kay. Colorado State student Stefan Sortland got a little out of control at a Halloween party: well, a lot out of control. He reportedly took some Molly and come cocaine, which caused a seizure. Paramedics were called, and Sortland came to after they arrived. He saw the empty ambulance, and jumped in to take it for a joyride. He jumped the median and back again, where cops found the vehicle with extensive damage. He was standing thirty feet away, wearing an EMT vest and carrying a box of wheat thins. He was unresponsive and officers tazed him.

He probably didn’t feel the tazer.  When they got him back to the station, he stood on a bench, kicked a wall, and masturbated. This case is the poster situation for why you shouldn’t do drugs. I hope this kid can get in a drug court-type program, so his life isn’t ruined from this escapade. he needs help. And I’ll take this opportunity to give a special caution about the drug known as ‘Molly’. While it was originally another name for MDMA (ecstasy, which is bad enough), it usually contains a dangerous cocktail of drugs: a user never knows what they are getting or how their body will react. Or if they will end up dead.

via: http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/bad-molly-takes-colorado-state-student-on-insane-mastu-1655993298