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95-Year-Old Granny Arrested – Cops Didn’t Know Better

Hattie Reynolds mugshot

Hattie Reynolds

Little Hattie Reynolds is a 95-year-old great grandmother living in Daytona Beach, Florida. One of her grandchildren was being lazy and wouldn’t get out of bed, so she called the police, on the non-emergency line, for assistance. She had no idea she’d be going to jail.

When officers showed up, they investigated and learned that during the dispute, Ms. Reynolds had slapped her 46-year-old granddaughter, who refused to get out of bed and starting screaming and yelling obscenities at Ms. Reynolds. Unfortunately, Ms. Reynolds slapped her with the slipper she had been wearing. When she told this to the cops, she was placed under arrest and charged with domestic battery. She spent a night in jail until she could see a judge, who released her on her own recognizance.

Cops tend to think that when there is probable cause for an act of domestic violence, that they must make an arrest. I suspect that’s what they are taught during training. However, the Florida Statutes give them the discretion not to make an arrest… they just have to file a written explanation why they didn’t make an arrest in their report. The chief of Daytona Beach Police even told the press that officers don’t have discretion… and he’s flat wrong. Officers are permitted to make an arrest, but do not have to make an arrest. This clearly sounds like it would have been a good opportunity for the exercise of that discretion.


Don’t Take Your Baby to a Strip Club: Things Not to Do

Kenneth Rowe Jr. Mug Shot

Kenneth Rowe Jr. Mug Shot

Not only did Kenneth Rowe, Jr. take his 2-month-old baby to a strip club on New Year’s Eve… he left her there. Only in Florida! He stepped out to smoke a cigarette and wandered off, so the club owner called the cops. He came back, took the baby outside, and hid when officers showed up. Fortunately, they were able to find him when the baby started crying. Even more fortunately, the baby is ok, and back with the mother, who hopefully will no longer allow unsupervised visitation. What’s worse than the fact that this guy took his baby to a strip club, is that he got so drunk he was a danger to the child. Far more kids are put at risk by parents who are drunk or stoned than go to see exotic dancers, though I certainly don’t condone that, either. Man up, and take some responsibility as a parent!

#thingsnottoto http://www.fox19.com/story/20480657/man-arrested-after-baby-left-at-club