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Robert Dunn jury recommends life, State fails to get death sentence again

Day Care Killer Robert Dunn

Day Care Killer Robert Dunn

The jury has returned with a recommendation for a life sentence, meaning Robert Dunn will be spared execution.  The Dept. of Corrections will conduct a pre-sentencing investigation, and the sentencing is set for January, but the judge will have no discretion and must impose life without parole.  This is a great result for the Defense team, and demonstrates the difficulty and expense of the State trying to impose the death penalty.



Robert Dunn jury is deliberating death

The jury is out to determine if they are going to recommend the death penalty, or if Dunn will receive life in prison.  I would not be surprised to hear a verdict this evening.



Robert Dunn Jury likely to deliberate death penalty today

The jury in the death penalty trial of Robert Dunn will likely begin their deliberations today whther to recommend the death penalty. He was previously found guilty as charged on all counts. The judge must give great deference to the jury’s recommendation whether to impose the death sentence.

Update: wanted to share some good video from WINK News, note especially the testimony from Dr. Schaerf.  Schaerf is a practicing psychiatrist, and not a hired gun.  See below:



Fireworks fly in Dunn trial sentencing

Check out the heated argument- with video from Wink News: http://www.winknews.com/Local-Florida/2012-12-06/Penalty-phase-begins-for-2008-Cape-Coral-daycare-shooter

Robert Dunn – Penalty Phase

Crimcourts hasn’t been able to observe any of the penalty phase so far, but the News-Press has had especially good coverage of this portion of the trial.  The Defense is making an extensive presentation of the history of mental health problems.  Some of the noteworthy testimony include that he got fired from his pool cleaning job for seeing an imaginary man, and that he was known as “Crazy Bobby”.  His mental health disorders and stressors on his mental state are mitigating circumstances the jury can consider as they determine whether a death sentence will be recommended.  The Defense has a lot to overcome, as the facts of the murder are shocking, and the victim sympathetic.  The State ahs presented testimony from her family regarding the impact on their lives.  The expectation at the courthouse is that the penalty phase will likely resolve this week.



Robert Dunn closing arguments finished

Closing arguments concluded this evening in the Robert Dunn – Bobbie Noonan Day Care Killing case, according to Wink News.  The case will be handed over for the jury to begin deliberations tomorrow morning, which will mark the beginning of the 6th week of trial.  There’s no telling how long jury deliberations will take.  I didn’t get to follow the case as closely as I would have liked, but I expect the jury will be able to come to their verdict tomorrow.  There are a lot of jury instructions for them to go over, plus multiple charges and multiples degrees for them to sort through.

The State would like the jury to find him guilty not only of the premeditated murder, but also the Burglary and Child Abuse charges, as these would be aggravators when they argue for the death penalty.  Child Abuse does not require physical harm to come to a child, and can be based on the infliction of mental harm.  Burglary is simply entering a place he was not invited with the intent of committing a crime.  It seems the Defense was arguing hard against pre-meditation, as a conviction of the lesser murder charge could spare Dunn’s life.  The case for premeditation was circumstantial, but it is a fairly impressive case.

Robert Dunn found competent to stand trial – 11/26

Robert Dunn has been found competent to stand trial in his ongoing murder trial today.  Judge Margaret Steinbeck had appointed two mental health experts to evaluate him, and both experts testified today that they believed that he was competent.

The trial then returned to its previous state where Mr. Dunn had requested to change his plea.  Judge Steinbeck asked him where he stood on that request, and Mr. Dunn indicated that he changed his mind, and no longer wished to plead guilty at this time.  He did indicate he wants to represent himself at the penalty phase.  The judge said that issue would be discussed after the guilt phase, if that is necessary.  Closing arguments are slated to begin this afternoon.  Barring some unusual circumstance, they jury should receive the case by late this afternoon.

Thanks again to the News-Press for mentioning Crimcourts in their coverage! http://www.news-press.com/article/20121126/CRIME/311260013/Competency-hearing-determine-day-care-shooting-trial-s-course

Robert Dunn, 11/12: UPDATE

Jury selection is continuing in the Robert Dunn – Bobbie Noonan Day Care murder trial.  The courthouse is closed today, but the judge and attorneys will be back at it on Tuesday.  This means the jury selection has now been going on for a full month.  Again, it makes sense to spend as much time as needed on the jury selection, so that it doesn’t have to be redone at a second trial.  #daycarekilling

UPDATE: the News-Press has done at article on the jury seleciton, to date: http://t.co/XuyS6DYd  I hear they are hoping to comclude jury selection this week, but that’s obviously very up in the air…

Robert Dunn trial jury selection continues

Alleged Day Care Killer Robert Dunn

I was able to stop by and peek in briefly on the jury selection today: it was remarkably like the first day of jury selection.  Several dozen jurors were brought in this afternoon, and broken down into smaller groups for individual questioning.  The publicity this case has received is making it difficult to find jurors who do not have any preconceptions about the facts of the case.  Recall the Fred Cooper case that went to trial here a few years ago (The Gateway murders case).  A jury was sworn and the trial took place, only to have to be retried when it came out that the jurors had let outside coverage influence their deliberations on the case.  Legend also has it they ran up an incredible bar tab while they were sequestered, but I don’t have any documentation of that!  The difficulty in finding a jury will extend the expected length of this trial… I suspect a month or more would not be out of the question, if they are able to empanel a jury.


Jury Selection is continuing slowly in the Robert Dunn Day Care Killing trial.  They are referring to it in court as the Bobbie Noonan Day Care Murder case.  The attorneys didn’t get through as many potential jurors today as they … Continue reading