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Darth Vader Arrested (Again)

vader 2b

Surveillance of Darth Vader’s most recent robbery attempt

darth vader robbery2Darth Vader committed another robbery, this time in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Vader can be seen on surveillance videos at an 8 ’til Late convenience store, where he walked in, pulled out a gun, and demanded money.

jacob mercer vader

Jacob Mercer mug shot

This is where it gets amazing: apparently the force was not strong with this Vader. One of the clerks in the store threw a wine glass at him, striking him in the face. Vader ran out, only to be captured a short time later. Judging by the suspect’s mug shot, the clerk seems to have struck him square in the face. Why didn’t he use the force?

This is the second time Vader has struck this year, that I’m aware of. As I pointed out last time, still not as classy as the Point Break guys. But, programming note… they are releasing a new Point Break remake next month, a week after Star Wars – The Force is Highly Anticipated. Doesn’t look as classy as the first one, though…

point break2

Point Break (2015)

Darth Vader Robbed a Bank

Darth Vader Robbery

Darth Vader Robbery

As much as I loathe sharing Jeannie Moos stories, this one is too on point not to pass along: “What Not to Wear During a Robbery.”

Believe it or not, this is not the first Darth Vader disguised robbery. It’s not bad, really, it completely covers the user, and it’s a little scary. It’s just not as classy as the Point Break guys…

Vader Robbery

Vader Robbery

Robbers in the movie Point Break

Robbers in the movie Point Break