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Drunk Driving Arrests Are Going Down, but Are the Roads Safer?

  • Drunk Driving Numbers Are Falling in many Jurisdictions
  • Ride Sharing Programs Claims Some Credit
  • Critics Blame Lack of Enforcement

Ride sharing apps were in the news this week when Uber and Lyft decided to pull out of serving Austin, TX due to strict local ordinances. This may make the streets less safe, because a great deal of the business for these apps are taking people home late at night and on weekends: providing a convenient alternative to driving for many people who have been out on the town and possibly drinking.

Lyft stache

The old Lyft ‘Stache

The ride sharing apps are quick to take credit for drops in DUI arrest numbers. Arrest numbers indicate declines in Florida cities, including the Miami and Tampa areas. Law enforcement agencies in Tampa were willing to give some credit to ride sharing, but also indicated there had been less enforcement going on due to shortages and other factors. MADD says there has been a major shortage of enforcement in Dade County jurisdictions, but the drop in arrests is likely due to a variety of factors, ranging from ride-sharing to less overtime for officers than they used to get on DUI cases.

Hopefully the decline in arrests is indicative of less people drinking and driving, and keeping the roads safer for all of us. If Uber and Lyft help, we can all get behind that. The numbers so far certainly favor the increase accessibility of ride-sharing apps.

Crime Stoppers Administrator Jailed for Defying Judge on Tip Info

Richard Masten as he eats a piece of paper in court

Richard Masten as he eats a piece of paper in court

An administrator for Crime Stoppers in Dade County feels so strongly about keeping his tips anonymous, he is willing to go to jail for it. When a judge ordered Richard Masten to turn over a paper containing tip information, he refused, and proceeded to gobble down the paper in court! The judge found him in contempt, and he faces 14 days in jail if he doesn’t comply by Thursday.
The attorney seeking the info represents someone facing a felony drug charge, and is not seeking the identity of the tipster, but some of the related information. Masten believes the identity of the tipster could be determined if he were to give over the info.
There’s a tension here, because for Crime Stoppers to work, they need to be sure to guarantee anonymity; otherwise the tips could dry up. If you watch the First 48, you know how invaluable those tips can be. Conversely, the defendant has Constitutional rights related to her fair trial and search and seizure. She could be facing prison time and her Constitutional protections may legally outweigh the privacy concerns of a private entity, especially one working the law enforcement. The State may want to consider whether this drug prosecution is worth the damage to the Crime Stoppers’ reputation.