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Attorney Arrested for Arguing in Court

A California Deputy Attorney General was arrested a few weeks ago in a courtroom for carrying on an argument. Court was in recess, so it was not before the judge, but, um… how does this bailiff justify arresting the attorney? The attorney arrested, Jennie Kelly, has her own attorney now, who is alleging the Bailiff committed a battery. They may have a pretty good case.

The California Attorney General’s Office is a Law Enforcement agency- Ms. Kelly is a deputy of the chief law enforcement officer of the state, and she was acting in her official duty representing the state, though it was a civil matter. This may have been the worst attempt to pull rank in law enforcement history…

Florida Needs to Seal All the Juvenile Records

Redacted Mug Shot of the 9-Year Old Child

Redacted Mug Shot of the 9-Year Old Child

Yesterday, a nine-year old boy was arrested for striking and threatening his family members. I found out about this because after he was arrested, his mugshot was published online. The mugshot was then picked up by one of the many mugshot publishing web outfits, which promptly put it on Facebook, where it was viewable by their thousands and thousands of subscribers. It then got picked up by other websites, which also re-published his name and photograph.

The News-Press covered the story, but had the editorial restraint not to publish the boy’s name or photograph. I have also edited the photograph, and will not be publishing the boy’s name.

To be clear, there has been nothing improper. The child was charged with several felonies (though he has not been convicted at this time, and it is rather unlikely that the State Attorney’s office will seek to convict him.) Prosecutors will likely be most concerned with getting him counseling to head off a lifetime of violence. But, due to the charges, it is permissible for the Sheriff’s office to publish the photograph. Thanks to First Amendment rights, once media outlets are in possession of the information, they are allowed to publish it. I commend the News-Press from declining to identify the child, though they lawfully could have done so.

I think what’s at issue here is the fact that juvenile arrests are not confidential under Florida law. The criminal case file will be confidential, including the convictions of delinquency for any child unless they are prosecuted as an adult. Ironically, if alternative sanctions are pursued, or the charges dropped, the disposition of the case is not available to the general public. However, the arrest information, including the mug shot and initial charges, are public information. And in this boy’s case, they are out on the internet, and liable to follow him for the rest of his life, regardless of the outcome of the case.  That’s the state of the law in Florida, at this time.

I am a strong defender of the First Amendment, and of the openness of government records. However, if there is anything that should not be public record, and there are quite a few protected areas under the law, criminal allegations against children should almost certainly be included. We won’t let the public know when children are found to be delinquent… but we’ll put their picture on display regardless of whether the charges are even pursued. It’s counter-intuitive to publish one and not the other. The legal discrepancy doesn’t make sense, and this law is a candidate for the Worst Laws in Florida.

Naples Man Busted with Pants Down after Pooping on Floor #graymenace

Robert Predmore

Robert Predmore

Robert Predmore, 61, of East Naples, was caught after a burglary, his pants still down when the cops showed up. They found him lying outside Joey D’s bar, passed out on the ground… pantless. The bar looked “like a hurricane” had gone through: with thousands of dollars in damage, stolen liquor… and a poop on the floor next to an empty bottle of Sambuca. His soiled pants matched the evidence inside the store. The also found a handful of  prescription pills and a baggie of marijuana on Mr. Predmore.

That’s a helluva party to have by yourself.

UPDATE: Missouri Man, Possibly a Hit Man known as “The Hammer”, Arrested in Estero Murder of Dr. Theresa Sievers

Possible Hit Man, Jimmy Rodgers,

Possible Hit Man, Jimmy Rodgers, “The Hammer”

Jimmy Rodgers, of Missouri, is the man that an arrest warrant was obtained for arrest in the murder of Bonita Springs doctor, Theresa Sievers. According to NBC-2, who has owned this story, there are reports out of Missouri that people knew him as a hit man, and that he went by the nickname, “The Hammer.” While details about the murder have been closely guarded by authorities, neighbors had heard that a hammer may have been the murder weapon. Sheriff Scott previously referred to the murder as a targeted killing. NBC-2 is also reporting there is a known connection between Rodgers and  Sievers’ family.

Rodgers is already in jail in Missouri on a Federal probation violation.

UPDATE: Sheriff Mike Scott has announced that another Missouri man has also been arrested in relation to the murder. Curtis Wayne Wright is apparently a childhood friend of Sievers’ husband, according to NBC-2. Also, NBC reports that Rodgers was spotted Lee County at the time of the murders, and made admissions to people in Missouri about committing the murder.

Curtis Wayne Wright's possible Facebook photo, per NBC-2

Curtis Wayne Wright’s possible Facebook photo, per NBC-2

Another DUI Operation in Cape Coral Tonight

capecopsCape Coral is running their 7th DUI operation tonight. Everybody be safe out there, don’t drink and drive!


Naples Man Arrested for Keeping an Alligator in his 3-Year-Old’s Room

  • FWC: Man thought having a pet gator was cool

  • James Gill Facing Felony

James Gill, of Naples

James Gill, of Naples

James Gill, 45, of Naples caught an alligator in his backyard, and thought it would be cool to keep it as a pet. He put the young gator in a fish tank in his 3-year-old son’s room. That’s extremely dangerous, even little gators have 80 sharp teeth. FWC served a warrant, and charged him with a felony for illegal possession of an alligator. Gill reportedly told officers that it was stupid that it was a felony, because there are millions of them. He may be right, but it’s still against the law, and extremely dangerous.

via Florida Man

Lee County Man Acquitted of Murder Charges in Drive-By Shooting

James Brown, who was 19-years-old last January when he was charged with first degree murder, and several attempted murder charges, was found not guilty earlier today. He was charged for his alleged involvement in a drive-by shooting that killed 17-year-old Alexis Wilson. The case went to trial in February, but a mistrial was declared. The tragedy of the young woman who was killed remains unresolved.

via Stacey Deffenbaugh at NBC-2.

Cape Coral Man Arrested for Killing Alligator in his Yard

Paul Trimble

Cape Coral resident Paul Trimble hooked an alligator in a canal behind his backyard, and is in jail for killing the animal. Apparently, he beat it to death with a bat and a shovel. When questioned by officers, he admitted to the offense, and said he had done it before, because he didn’t know it was illegal. Unfortunately for him, as they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. He’s facing a felony charge for killing an Alligator, and could end up facing animal cruelty charges as well, based on news reports.

Lock Down Your Tide- It’s a Thing

Tide Bottle

Tide Bottle

A 53-year old man in Minneapolis, Patrick Costanzo, has been accused of stealing $25,000 worth of Tide in the last couple of years. He would fill up shopping carts full of the detergent, plus paper towels, soda, and toilet paper. Said investigator Sean Melville of the West St. Paul police, “I hope for his own sake he’s not using that much toilet paper everyday.” That would also equal a lot of loads of laundry.

I thought it was crazy when reports came out about a rash of Tide thefts: drug dealers are using the red bottles as currency. Apparently, it has become such an issue that stores in Cincinnati are putting alarms on their Tide, or otherwise locking them down. I’m waiting for the government to pass some new detergent control laws to crack down on this!



CNN’s 5 Things About the Trayvon Martin, AKA George Zimmerman Case

CNN ran this update/summary yesterday. None of it will be news for regular followers of this blog, but in case you don’t have time to scroll all of my posts, here’s a brief breakdown: