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Myths About Traffic Tickets

Blogger Steve Lehto, who I have linked to in the past, is an attorney who write about car-related legal issues. He did a post this week about traffic tickets, and it’s pretty spot on, so I’m sharing it here. One caveat, many times we can get a ticket dismissed in some counties if the cop doesn’t show up- the policies about that are really localized. All the more reason to talk to an experienced attorney if you get a ticket!


Chad Johnson is Getting Out : Ocho Freed!

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Celebration

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Celebration

The judge who sentenced Chad Johnson to 30 days in jail has relented, after his apology and request by his attorney, and agreed to let Chad out of jail. Mr. Johnson is still on probation, and must check in and do his community service, plus whatever counseling and fines remain to be completed.

Deadspin notes that his situation is turning unfortunate, as he’s losing money, but still harbors hope of getting a shot to get back to the NFL. This latest jail stint is unlikely to facilitate that, or a job with a TV network. It’s a shame, because he had a lot of talent on the football field. #freeocho

Pleaded v. Pled : What’s the Correct Term

Short answer: either “pleaded” or “pled” seems acceptable as the past tense of “plead”. I will admit that occasionally will write around the issue. I have frequently written things such as, “On X date, the Defendant entered a plea of no contest,” or other such write arounds. What’s really important is whether or not it will offend the reader, and I’d rather not chance it. The Daily Report has a good discussion of the issue, and the ABA Journal has on online poll if you want to see how other people handle it. I confess, like the majority, I usually say ‘pled.’