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Inmate Tries to Claim Reward Money in Theresa Halbach’s Murder by Claiming that he did it

Joseph Evans

A convicted murdered has written a letter claiming that he was actually responsible for the death of Theresa Halbach. Halbach is the young woman who was the victim in the case for which Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, have been convicted of murder. Avery’s post-conviction attorney has released the letter from Joseph Evans, who is already serving a life-sentence for murdering his wife in 2008. Evan’s letter comes on the heels of an announcement that there is now a $100,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the real killer of Theresa Halbach. Evans specifically cites the reward as the reason he’s coming forward with his so-called confession.

Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner is unimpressed by the claimed confession. Not only is his financial motive clear, he previously tried to play the other side a few years ago, writing that Avery had confessed to him when they were cellmates. The guy has no credibility. Zellner was more blunt, saying it is “worthless, unless it is corroborated.” She does indicate that the defense is continuing, notwithstanding this distraction, and that they have received some credible tips. In the meantime, Zellner is continuing her appellate fight for a new trial, with her brief coming due in a few weeks.

Prosecution Rests in Sean Taylor Trial of Eric Rivera

After a week of testimony, the state rested its case against Eric Rivera. The State played a confession by Mr. Rivera as to his involvement in the case. The Defense claims that Mr. Rivera did not take part in the burglary, and that the cops coerced him to give them a confession. That statement by Rivera was video recorded, and played in court today. Rivera admits that he was the one who shot Taylor. The Defense is currently presenting its case, though I haven’t been able to find details online, yet. It is anticipated that closing arguments will begin Wednesday.

UPDATE: Here’s a summary of the first defense witness, Rivera’s father: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/23809457/defense-opens-in-sean-taylor-slaying-trial#axzz2j3A5yVE5