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Drew Peterson closing arguments begin today.

Drew Peterson

The Drew Peterson case is winding to a close, with closing arguments beginning today.  Crimesider has a brief summary of the case to date: it’s tough to break a month’s worth of evidence down to a few paragraphs.  Defense lawyers were feeling good from the get go- it is a very tenuous criminal case.  No matter what you think, the burden of proof will be hard to meet.  The State scored a victory when they were allowed to introduce the testimony Peterson had tried to contract a killer to murder Kathleen Savio, his 4th wife.  I think that’s damning enough character evidence that they may win their conviction, but have a major issue for appeal.  On the other hand, weeks of character evidence in the Casey Anthony trial didn’t help prosecutors overcome the holes in their proof in that case.  The deliberations will take several days, I think.

Jeff Ruby Mugshot

On the Jeff Ruby front, I didn’t know the judge had issued a warrant and thrown him in jail.  I agree with the Tribune the judge probably had more important things to be worried about.  (Does Illinois allow direct contempt if the judge doesn’t see it: any IL lawyers got any input on that?)