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So, This Happened in Charlotte County

charlotte jail car.jpgMy attorney friend P.J. was at the jail, and snapped a photo that appears to be a Charlotte County Sheriff’s vehicle caught under a garage door at the Charlotte County Jail. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know any details, but was kind enough to share the picture. It certainly seems that a Sheriff’s Office vehicle got caught by the garage door trying to come out of the Sally Port. The jail sally doors slide down really fast, so it’s probably not an uncommon occurrence… but, the picture is kind of funny.

Somebody had a bad day…

Don’t do drugs and drive…

Abby Elsner

Especially not at the same time.  This young lady was shooting up heroin while she was driving down the street.  She didn’t even stop when she pulled up next to a cop, who promptly turned her over.  You can get a DUI for driving under the influence of controlled substances, but that’s not as bad as the felony for DOING the substances (and/or possessing them).  She’s clearly got a substance abuse problem, and hopefully this will be a wakeup call to get her help.